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By: David Bauer

Arado 234 B2 "Blitz" Bomber Model Rocket

Parts List: One Baby B kit, 1 old BT 60 Estes Patriot nose cone, 2 24 mm plastic nose cones, 24mm motor tubes, 24 mm motor blocks, 3/16 inch balsa, label paper, balsa for wheels, wood dowel, 4 nose cone and 2 tubes from the Estes EPM kit for bombs, decals, striping tape, grey, dark grey,, light green, dark green, silver paint, squadron putty, plastic epoxy clay, 2 plastic cutes, Kevlar cord, elastic cord.

Put in the last few liters of fuel and go try to knock down that bridge at Remagen. It is just a Baby Bertha with a little more kick but I am sure it will launch only under the strictest of conditions. Hopefully both mighty D12-3s will light. Hopefully the weird landing gear fins and periscope won't throw it into a violent spin. Hopefully the two Estes plastic chutes will bring her down safely. At least it will look good.

Last launch I handed it to a club member before the painting was done. I said "be careful she is a bit heavy in the nose." "Holly Moly" is what I believe I heard back. Well I had to use all that J&B Plastic weld up front to get the late model bulge in the canopy, and I can't help the motors need to be so far back.

If the Zoochers can use Flame Fins, I will use Flame Motors! Mighty short of recovery room on those Junkers Jumo jet engine nacelles so the motor sets back..

The AR 234 B test flight at CRASH. Went up straight then did a double roll and then straight again. Ejection was good, both chutes out but only one popped open so in a bit fast, no damage beyond expected paint scrapes on nose. There was just a little wind so maybe that was enough to roll it, or maybe it was that dern periscope I had to add to make it look good, or it even could have been one motor cutting out an instant earlier than the other one.


The Blitz flew again and it was almost an exact duplicate of the first flight. Just a little herky jerky at motor burn out but it still heads upward. Clean off the mud and soot and ready to fly again.

The third flight was in too much wind at NSL. Arched over, went airplane and ejected the chutes just before impact. Now the AR 234 parts are in a body bag.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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