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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
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F4U Corsair
By: David Bauer

Kit bash BLU 97 to an F4U Corsair

We are poor little lambs who have lost our way, BAA, BAA, BAA. What do you do with that old BLU cluster bomb kit just lying around, the one from Estestes with the nosecone that looks like a breasteses? The one the girls paint pink or that comes in paint jobs that won’t pass muster in the Holy See? Yes, that kit. Well turn it into an F4U Corsair; that nosecone is just screaming radial engine cowling! Just hack and slash it to 24 mm, cut and label paper some squishy left over balsa fins, get out the left over Hellcat decals and True Blue Krylon. It’s gonna take lots of stinkin’ nose weight, but you don’t care because you have a mighty D12-3 in the bag.

Took it to the big competition launch this week end and joined up with another sport flier over in the corner. Awfully nervous with all the Top Men around, the guys with their names in the record books, but the weather was just too nice, record warmth with no wind. When they did get over to the sport rack the announcement came “Oh my, another one of Dave’s things, HEADS UP!” All that reputation and I have never had one go unstable, but would this one change all that? . . . Sound of crickets . . . 5-4-3-2-1 Launch, straight up, perfect ejection at apogee – she just loves dem D12-3’s, nice soft landing. No eyes poked out, no tattered, re kitted remains to pick up. Now they want little rubber propellers on the front hub, but I ain’t gonna try that. Maybe a little upscale with the wings placed further forward and on an angle more like the real plane to make it look marvelous. Maybe a TA-152 for a Nazi advisory, or even an A6M Zero. Silly sport fliers, trying to make cartoonish WWII airplanes fly like rockets.

Still looking for Vella La Cava and all those babe nurses, but at least Pappy has moved up from the P-40 to the big, nasty Corsair.
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More pics.

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Six flights now on the Corsair, the one below was #4 in some wind. The last one landed on the road cracking the drop tank fin and a little road rash on the wing but easily repairable. Flies well on a D12-5 too. Maybe some more nose weight and an F 12 to send it to Vella La Cava.


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