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Kit Bash Estes Spaceship One into a P-40E
By: David Bauer

What do you do with that old 18mm Estes Spaceship One kit you have packed in the build queue box? I turned mine into a P-40E. I hacked off the plastic nozzle and set the motor mount farther up. Then cut out the balsa fins, label papered them and gave them each a sheet styrene attachment tab. I used the Loctite plastic CA where you use the pretreat applicator pen. I was out of the good stuff so it had to do. Nose weight from the kit plus squares from two other SR-71 kits and ten copper BB's put the CG where I thought it would be stable. Per my wife's weight watchers food scale it comes in at 4.7 oz. - hefty but still flyable on a C6 3 on a good day with a long launch rod. The Launch lugs are the P-40's exhaust manifolds.

After a three week illness I was finally able to fly it today. Straight up and arced into the wind. Broke two shroud lines on ejection so the chute fluttered a bit and of course being a heavy faster decent it landed on the hard surface on the road shoulder. The bomb and one wing fin popped off cleanly at the tab and some road rash to the bomb fin and landing gear fins is easily repairable. All in all very happy with the result. Flies much like a Galactic Waive on a C. Will use a better maybe slightly larger nylon chute for future flights.

Reattached the fins with good old Testors and it should work fine as it melts the Estes tail cone really well. Just epoxying them on without a tab will also work.

This basic set up works well for the early war liquid cooled fighters. You could use this design for a P51 A/B, Spitfire, Hurricane, BF 109 E or any of the Macchi, Caproni-Reggiane or Fiat Liquid cooled fighters. Would also make a good Yakolev, Mig or Polikarpov I-17. Maybe a Kawasaki Ki-61 for Japan or a Dewontine D520 for France. Some heavy nose cone modification would be required for the radial engined fighters.

It is not a Goonie but maybe a Zoomie. Cartoonish but cute. A few aircraft decals, some stripping tape and scrap balsa are all that is needed.
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Today I decided to throw down the keys to the minivan, and loose the big city top siders and button down shirt. Yes, it was time to leave the city and its tiny little flying areas with puny BP motors and head out to the wide open country to burn the AP. No more sissy low power test flights, this Zoomie can fly so it is ready for the Big Time. Wearing Boots, tee shirt, jeans and the trusty NAR hat, with the only radio station coming in playing country, it was time to launch.

Well, the little Tiger was loaded with the D21-4 and it was a perfect day, dry ,cool, no wind, not a cloud in the sky. She ripped straight up, way up and had a perfect flight, landing not far from the pad. Yes this is the motor to use on the stubby, heavy Zoomie. The only thing was that darn Aerotech ejection melted a bit of the Estes plastic tail cone where it meets the body tube, just enough to slightly deform it without affecting the paint. I was told by the Pro's there is just too much hot propellant being blown up with the ejection gasses for my low power plastic, thin walled tubes and building techniques to handle. The photographer didn't get the speedy little P-40 but I see a lot of other fine pictures of the day on the COSROC's website.

Here is the P 40 on a C6-3. It has logged six successful flights.
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