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Henschel HS 132  - A Naughty Nazi Kit Spank
By: David Bauer
Winner - January 2013!

Parts list:

One Baby Bertha Kit – use nose cone, body tube, centering ring, motor mounts, motor blocks. All those fancy part numbers are way beyond my level of comprehension.

One Mini DRM Kit – use body tube and cut balsa nose cone for bomb. Use Balkankreuz decals.

Scrap 3/16 balsa for wings, tail and fancy piece on top of jet cowling. Self-stick label paper to cover balsa surfaces – too much work to fill balsa and needs to be strong!.

Lots of plasticine and Copperhead BB’s for nose weight (I will have to weigh it again to get more exact numbers). I used inch lugs – 3/16 would work.

Old Luftwaffe decals. Krlyon camouflage dark green paint – love the stuff. Peek A Boo Blue if out of RLM light blue. Yellow stripping tape (Pactra). 2 C6-3’s

Building techniques not approved for TRF posting – hack and slash until it fits. Stick paper on balsa and coat edge with CA – sand. Fast and easy – NO PAIN, NO PAIN. Cut out front centering ring after securing Estes center die cut with CA. Dab back centering ring with super glue, attach and dab the front of the two motor mounts with super glue where they meet. Glue font ring on with tacky glue and shove into place before it fully dries. Squirt in more glue as necessary. Fast and easy canted motor mount – cannot afford fancy one from Flis Kits – can only dream of quality parts.

Wing is TTW.

Recovery – attach plastic chute to nosecone mount – screw eye epoxy clayed in. Attach other plastic chute to body tube using tri fold mount. Not much so elastic shock cord is SHORT – oh the horror the TRF folks would have with that. Put spill hole in nose cone plastic chute, reinforce tabs cause that nose cone is coming out fast. Dream of lightweight nylon chutes but they are big bucks!

Sand balsa strip on top of jet cowling – glob on lots of wood filler – sand – cough –sand – cough and repeat again!

Coat inside of quality tubes with thin CA. COUGH, EYES WATER.

As seen on TRF:

Due to budget cuts the next project would have to be really cheap, under $30 and source from Hobby Lobby with the coupon, with all other parts coming from the left over box. It has to be a high class sporty scale war bird that they at least made a prototype, not too hard to build, something new that can get by the RSO. Looking through the Rand McNally Encyclopedia of Military aircraft I noticed a lot of problems turning operational war birds into rockets. Darn airplanes, the wings are just too far forward and the tails just get in the way of the exhaust. Then I looked at Luft 46 and for all the no of operational aircraft I found myself saying “oh that would work’ or “that could fly.” But most of the Luft 46ers are just concepts, not meeting highbrow war bird requirements. Then the plucky little Sturzkampffluzeug Henschel HS 132 caught my eye, at least they were making pieces of a prototype before the Soviets overran the factory. The HS 132 was a jet powered dive bomber to replace the JU 87 and it was just screaming Goony! Another Baby B, a mini DRM and an old patriot nose cone with some other junk parts and it just might work.

I thought if mid engines are good for cars and the P-39 they must also be good for rockets. Canted through a forward CG it could be stable with cluster power. Sure they are going to say more power and nose weight don’t always make up for silly design, but I have heard that before and my high end tastes might have to come down a bit. Always standing in line at Hobby Lobby with coupon in hand, always buying Baby B’s, or this time having run out of RLM blue I had to buy a discounted can of “Peek-a-boo Blue” Krylon. At least the kind looks I got from the old craft ladies holding the can of peek-a-boo blue will be in sharp contrast from the looks I will get from the Pad Fuhrer when bring the HS 132 up for inspection. But this time will be different, this time I actually have drawn up a real good plan . . . for a liberal arts major. I bet all the engineers, architects, computer science, industrial arts/pyro guys will be impressed with my fine scale document.

bauer01.jpg (50922 bytes) Click for full size image

It is just like I did it on CAD or a sim program, the motors are canted like a Flis Kit so it has to be good. I am hoping for the best and am willing to wait for the kinder, gentler Pad Fuhrer later in the day. A just a tad over 8 oz. my greatest fear is if only one motor lights. However, my close second greatest fear is in fact if both motors light. OMG! What have I done. But I ain’t gonna give up because did we give up when the Germans bombed Perl Harbor! Toga! Toga! Toga!

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More photo:

bauer06.jpg (45592 bytes) bauer07.jpg (53928 bytes) bauer08.jpg (41848 bytes) bauer09.jpg (46295 bytes) bauer10.jpg (49341 bytes)

Here is the real airplane. The photo is an artist's rendition as the real thing was never fully assembled.

bauer11.jpg (45894 bytes) bauer12.jpg (8532 bytes)

bauer13.jpg (111307 bytes) bauer14.jpg (105483 bytes) bauer15.jpg (117891 bytes) bauer16.jpg (116187 bytes)

The HS 132 flew today in ideal conditions and everything went to plan as 2 C6-3's got the job done. With such a heavy nose she likes to go into the wind a bit when the thrust drops off. More power would not hurt with some D composite motors and will be a must if I use the same basic layout for a P-61. Preflight photos above.

More photos post flight.

bauer17.jpg (69375 bytes) bauer18.jpg (57033 bytes) bauer19.jpg (70926 bytes) bauer20.jpg (84205 bytes) 

Before the launch one of the spectators asked one of the other club members how does he know this thing will fly and the answer was Dave uses "HOPESIM." I thought that was funny. So much for "MINDSIM." Just some ground impact dings on the nose cone - a price you must pay for all that nose weight.

Flew successfully for the second time at COSROCS. Now this one is kid tested, mother approved. The 2 ejection charges with the heavy nose cone results in a lot of soot around the top of the body tube.

HS 132 takeoff Photo from COSROCS.org

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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