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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
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Special Mention Award!
By: St. Andrews TARC Team #3370 - Park Ridge Rocketeers
Team Leader: Leonard Johnson
Members: Michael Cinquino, AJ Witzke, Michael Williamson
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Although the Aurora-5 didn't win this month, we felt that a special mention was warranted with regards to the design, the team that designed it and the constest that nurtured it.  This team did an incredible job in designing a model rocket to meet the needs of a specific mission.  The fact that they came very close to meeting the parameters of that mission (being off only a couple of seconds) is a testament to the work that they did.  Further, all of the teams that participated in the TARC (Team America Rocketry Challenge) deserve to be recognized for the work that they have accomplished.   Finally, the founders and sponsors of the TARC deserve their own special recognition for bringing about an event that stretches the imagination and brings science into the "sports arena", as it were.  Great job all around and congratulations to the Park Ridge Rocketeers for a job well done!
Now, THIS is a privilege.  A Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) entry!  I am thrilled to be able to post this entry.

The team has this message with their entry:

Dear Fliskits,

Here is a photo of our AURORA-4 rocket leaving the launch rod. We are entering this rocket in your May 2005 design of the month contest. We will send more photos and we also send out a packet in the mail today with drawings, photos, stickers and news articles. Thank you.

St. Andrews TARC # 3370 (aka) Park Ridge Rocketeers

Leonard Johnson- Team Leader

Kenneth Johnson, Michael Cinquino, AJ Witzke, Michael Williamson

The links below will provide you with instructions and patterns for this design.  These links will open a new window.

  • AURORA-4 Documents
coverletter.jpg (67164 bytes) Entry Letter Cover
page2.jpg (89679 bytes) Entry Letter 2 
Design Layout  (pdf file, 216KB)
End view with patterns  (pdf file, 182KB)
Full scale pattern sheet  (pdf file, 46KB)
poster_mod.jpg (110799 bytes) Poster 
newspaper.jpg (62758 bytes) Newspaper article  (We are seeking permission to print this in full)
logo.gif (13266 bytes) Logo  (The team's logo image)
tarc002.jpg (94068 bytes) Liftoff!
tarc011.jpg (41726 bytes) And away she goes!
tarc019.jpg (65599 bytes) The Aurora-4 takes to the sky
adler_planetarium-st-andrews-team3370-013.jpg (107958 bytes) This is all of us being recognized at the Adler Planetarium last week for it's 75th anniversary and us going to the TARC Finals. In the photo are our Prime rocket on launch rod to the right. Backup rocket on table and the Adler rocket to launch for it's 75th anniversary. Capt. James Lovell signed this rocket for us later that day! COOL.
adler_planetarium-st-andrews-team3370-015.jpg (129359 bytes) Here we are being honored by the Adler President for our rocket design accomplishments.


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