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4 motor cluster
By: Bill Ralston

Bill has brought this model to the CMASS launches several times and each time it performed beautifully.   Take note that this entire model was truely "Scratch Built" in that all of the body tubes, transition and even the motor tubes, launch lugs and engine blocks were hand rolled from card stock.  Other than the nose cone, there is nothing store bought on this model.  Truely incredible.

Also, the weight in staggering! At just 7.5 ounces this model flys great even with A8-3 motors.   The only concern that I would caution folks about, if you should choose to build one, is that the main body tube is 2.125" (slightly less than a BT-70).

Bill made a gift of this model to me at our last launch, which is greatly appreciated and it now holds a special place in my collection. 

The links below will provide you with instructions and patterns for this design.  These links will open a new window.


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