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By: Clive Davis
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Clive brings us a very unique rocket with forward swept fins and a decorative stabalizer ring.

Clive provided the following information with his entry:

Dear Fliskits:

Here is my DOM submission for Sept. 2004. I have been rather quiet the past 6 months, but this was one of my projects during the summer. I hope you like it. It began when a colleague of mine found an old Big Daddy nose cone in the woods. I had a postal tube that matched the nose cone exactly, and not wanting to use 29 mm motor mounts, I had a crazy idea to build a 5 motor cluster. This allows all kinds of flights from a single F21 to 5 C6-5s (with adaptors), 3 D12's, 2 E9's, 3 E9's (you get the picture). The nice thing about the cluster design is that it can fly on 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 motor configurations.

I flew it on August 28th at our local club's sport launch. Two flights, good & stable both times. The only problem I had was the parachute did not fully exit the body tube until well after the nose cone ejected. I am thinking I need to get the parachute attached directly to the nose cone for better deployment. I also think this rocket would make a great downscale to 5 x 18 mm motors. This is due to the fact that since the rocket requires nose weight to compensate for the motors, it is over the 1 lb. mark and ranks in that mid-Power range where one must have FAA approval for launches. Thus, it would be nice to have a downscale that fits within the 1 lb. mark. The current version of the Ringwraith is just over 1 lb. empty.

Parts list:
Big Daddy style nosecone
Big Daddy style body tube (25")
clay for nose weight (approximately 1-2oz)
5 x 24 mm motor mounts (for E9 motors)
5 engine blocks
hardware for motor retention
kevlar and shock cord material
30+" nylon parachute
nomex heat shield
aircraft quality plywood or bass wood for fins (1/16" thick)
balsa for bulkheads
4 wine corks or similar light material (as motor blocks to prevent ejection gasses from escaping - to be used in a motor mount when not all 5 motors will be used).
styrene sheet or other plastic ring for the ring material
1/4" launch lug

Clive Davis

PS - here are the photos as well as a RockSim file. As you can see from one of the photos, I caught the rocket on the ascent, but only the tail end. It was a stable, straight flight, though. That photo is of the Ringwraith on 2 E9-4's

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