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Winner, August Design of the Month!
By: Henk Siewert

The Netherlands introduces us to Henk, who brings to us this interesting design fashioned in the form of a swallow's tail.

Henk provided the following information with his entry:


I like to enter my design “Zwaluw” in to the Design of the Month competition.  Zwaluw is the Dutch name for swallow.  The name of the rocket is chosen for its big triangular fins, resembling the tail of the swallow bird.

On the CD you will find drawings, part list, photos from the static model and photos from the launching of the Zwaluw and a video of the launch and the recovery.  Al the documents are in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf). The pictures are in JPG format.

The design was done with SpaceCad. SpaceCad is a very popular rocket design program in Europe. The design file is included on the CD, as is a 30 day evaluation version of SpaceCad. 

The video is included on the CD in tree formats, AVI (for the windows media player) and MOV for the QuickTime player and a MWV file for the download from a website. The MOV is the original file. The AVI  and MWV files are conversions of the MOV file.

The Zwaluw was launched tree times on June 26th and 1 time on July 24th 2004

The first time it was launched on a B4-4. It left the launch rod so fast we ware unable to make any launch pictures.

The second time it was launched on a A8-3. Just to give the photographers a change to make a picture. It flies very nice on a A8-3. It left the launch rod with a very gentle “whoooosh”. The launch pictures are from this launch.

The third time the Zwaluw was launched on a C6-5. Oh boy, push the button en start walking right away. The rocket wend completely out of sight. We were very glad to see it coming down on the streamer.

It was a day with a lot of wind. So I opted for a streamer. But I had to walk a long way to get the rocket back.

The launch on July 24th was just for fun with a Sachsen C6-3. The Sachsen has les power as an Estes C6 and burns a little longer. It was a very calm day so I used a Fliskits 12 Inch parachute. That was a mistake. I had to walk at least 1,5 Km ( 1 mile ) to get the rocket back. Oh well, rocketry is not only fun but very healthy!


Henk Siewert

The links below will provide you with instructions and patterns for this design.  These links will open a new window.

  • Zwaluw Documents
CG/CP points
On the pad
Closeup on the pad
Liftoff #1
Liftoff #2
Datasheet (132 KB pdf file)
Decal sheet (14KB pdf file)
Dimensions (11KB pdf file)
Parts List (11KB pdf file)
Short movie of launch and recovery (424KB wmv file)


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