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Z7 - Black Thunder
By: Stefan Grüll

Stefan has submited a very cool design based on the German V1.

Stefan provided the following information with his entry:


here’s my entry for your ‘Design of the Month’ Contest.

It was a boring afternoon and I had a few parts left. So I decided to build another rocket. But it should look a little different to all the usual (and boring) models I can buy in Germany.

I decided to design a rocket which reminds to the German ‘V1’ or a ‘Tomahawk’.

It took one afternoon to build the rocket and a few hours for the finish. I painted it black and applied a few white stripes and two skulls’n crossbones decals.

Ok here we go.

I have pictures of the finished model, pictures of some successful starts, a Space-CAD file, a Space Cad drawing and the fin patterns for you.

Here’s the parts list:

Body Tube: length 32,5 cm, 3,0 cm diameter
(Booster) Tube: length 10,0 cm, 2,0 cm diameter
Nose Cone: Quest Nose Cone, 3,0 cm diameter
Nose Weight: 5 Gramms, better take 8 Gramms if you use C-Engine
Motor Mount: 18mm
Name: Z 7 – Black Thunder

I think it’s a nice but not very difficult to build rocket. I was surprised of the reactions from the people which saw the rocket: everyone likes the design and its look. It’s a very nice and sa-ble flyer. On a B-engine it flies about 130 meters, on a C-Engine it reaches about 200 – 230 meters.

I hope you like it too.

Stefan Gruell

The links below will provide you with instructions and patterns for this design.  These links will open a new window.


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