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Starfire 1
By: S1c. Dennis Bishop

Dennis's July entry is missing photo's right now, but they're coming!

The email from Dennis has this to say:

Starfire 1 ... Late in 2153 the first working manned Hyperjump ship was built. Up until this time the slower Jump ships had been used by man to reach the Stars, but even with the jumpships it took months to reach even near by stars. In 2103 the first Hyperjump engine was built and tested. The readings showed it cut a normal 5 month long jump between stars down to a few hours. The readings showed that the drive was able to compress time itself. Only a human would not be able to live threw the jump. So until this ship was built, all the cargo ships where robot controled.

After years of research a ship was designed and with the useage of some drugs to ease the stress of the jump a human would be able to make the flight.

On July 20th 2153 the Starfire 1 left the Earthport spacestation and once it was past the orbit of the moon, the Hyperspace Jump engines where fired up. At the same time the pilot was given the stress drugs.  The ship made the first manned Hyperspace jump, coming back into normal space near the star Altair just 1 hour later. From that date on manned starships reached the far cornors of the Milkyway Galaxy.

In addition, Dennis said:

I started this project with the old Estes PNC-50CA nosecone.   Then came a bt-50 for the main bodytube, 12 inch long.  I used a 18mm engine mount. Also a 12inch long shock cord mounted in the main body tube.

The 3 loop fins are each 3inch long and cut from BT55's, they are glued on using the same placement as normal 3 fins.

I painted the main body black with the loops red, inside and out.

My first flight was with an A8-3, flight was so fast I didn'have time to see it. The 2nd flight on 0307.04 was with a C6-5 and was a top notch flight.
I've taken photos but will not have them until late this month.

The links below will lead you to Daren's documentation for this design.  These links will open a new window.

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