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Earth-Luna-Transport (ELT)
By: Frederick J Talasco

Fred Talasco's May entry is a unique two stage model designed to be flown with a cluster of 3 18mm motors in the booster.  This design also supports a single engine booster.

The email from F Talasco has this to say:

Hello Jim,

Here is my design of the month entry for May.

The rocket is a two stage, clustered, 13mm 'Space Plane' design that I have been working on for some time. In this design, I sought to combine several advanced techniques, with a pleasing, futuristic design. The booster stage can be flown with a single motor or a cluster of three. One of the rather unique features of this design is the booster stage recovery system: The upper 'scramjet pods' house twin streamers that are attached via kevlar to the booster. When the sustainer ignites, the booster drops away, pulling out the streamers. Due to the large fin area, the sustainer stage comes down almost sideways, protecting the large fins from damage.

I have named the rocket ELT for Earth-Luna-Transport. The boilerplate rocket has been flown a number of times, in sustainer only single stage, single engine booster stage, and clustered booster stage configurations. The rocket has been a success on every flight, in every configuration. I intend to paint this rocket gloss white, with early Orbital Transport type decals for that classic look.

I have enclosed a design sheet with parts list, photos of the model, and some thrilling launch photos. Unfortunately, this type of design cannot be simmed using Roc-sim.

Fred Talasco


In 2035, American Spacelines introduced the ELT (Earth to Luna Transport) to replaced the aging fleet of Orbital Transports.  Due to advances in rocket motor design, the smaller more efficient reusable three motor first stage allowed the new design to avoid the large launch 'carrier' of the previous craft.   This designs passenger/payload section was a greater percentage of the rocket's total mass, and was able to carry almost twice as many passengers and/or cargo as the previous two piece design.  This more efficient design meant lower costs, and allowed for the first true space tourists.

Features include two stage 13mm power, with an optional triple clustered first stage.  Recovery for booster is dual streamers, while the second stage has a 12" parachute.

Parts List:

Main Body Tube: BT-20 13" long
Booster/Ramjet tubes (Qty: 5) BT-20J 2.75" long
Nose Cone BNC-20N
13mm Engine Mount Kits (Qty: 4) (FlisKits EMK-13-20)
BT-20 Stage Coupler
Scramjet nose cones made from BNC-20L (Qty: 2)
Launch Lug (FlisKits LL-1-2)
1/16" Fin Stock (FlisKits FSB-2-3-9)
12" FlisKits Parachute Kit
Streamer material (FlisKits STC-2-36)
Screw Eye (FlisKits SE-M)
1/8" Elastic Shock Cord (FlisKits SC-1-36)
35 lb Kevlar Cord (FlisKits SLK-3508-120)
Nose cone weight of choice

The links below will lead you to Fred's documentation for this design.  These links will open a new window.

  • ELT Documents
Instructions (8KB pdf file)
Fin Patterns (236KB pdf file)
  • ELT Photo's and images
talasco_elt_fromabove.jpg (75436 bytes) Here is a photograph of the overall model, with the stages connected
talasco_elt_fromengines.jpg (55677 bytes) View from the tail end
talasco_elt_underside.jpg (81856 bytes) Underside view showing construction details
talasco_elt_booster.jpg (62647 bytes) View of the booster section
talasco_elt_onpadsm.jpg (72098 bytes) Here she is on the pad, ready for launch!
talasco_elt_liftoffsm.jpg (27627 bytes) And we have liftoff, with all 3 booster motors burning!
talasco_elt_landingsm.jpg (20815 bytes) Recovery of the upperstage.


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