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Unmanned Hyperspace Cargo Transporter Booster
By: Dennis Bishop

Dennis's entry would make an interesting addition to anyone's fleet of model rockets.  The bonus here is that it comes with a "history" to involve this ship in a SF story line (nice touch).

The email from Dennise Bishop has this to say:

Unmanned Hyperspace Cargo Transporter Booster

Designed as a cargo hualer between star systems. lower section is fixed size and is able to be mated to any kind of cargo upper section. This ship never lands on a planet, loops are for Hyperspace Jump engines, most HSJ ships only have one set of loops, this one has two sets of loops, allowing it to make longer jumps with bigger loads of cargo.

Now that I've gotten that part past,Hay I live Sci-Fi! Now for the real data.

Body Tube for main body is BT-20 18 inch long.

Loops are made from 2 sizes of Body Tubes, the first 3, which are glued onto the rocket body at the places where normal 3 fins would be glued, are BT - 20's. Once glued on a lunchlug is glued at one loop rocket body joint. Good fillets are made at each body/loop joint. Let dry for a good day.

The 2nd set of loops are BT-55'sm they are glued to the BT-20 loops in such a way as to lay between two BT-20 loops but still not touch the rocket body. Once all 3 BT-55 loops are glued on, good glue fillets are done on them too.

The shockcord is NOT fastened to the rocket tube, instead it's fastened to one of the loop fins and is long enough to reach up and into the body tube. This allows either chutes or streamers to be used and nothing to hang up on. I used a Bright Orange Humbrol to paint the fin loops . I painted the rocket body a dark brown color using Humbrol paints.

It's made for 18mm engines and right now this bird, using a hand caved BT-20 nosecone holds 3 SIAR model rocket duration records. I've flown it on A8's to C6's and as soon as I can get a way to fire it, I'll fly it using a D3 Aeroteck engine.

No images were provided but Dennis DID include this sketch to help position the parts and perform the assembly:

bishoprocket1.jpg (24725 bytes)

Dennis provided this photo of the Unmanned Hyperspace Cargo Transport Booster!  Thank you Dennis!


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