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Deuce-Bash Tips

While the rules have been kept simple, please take into account these simple tips to help you prepare a winning entry!

  • Please make sure you provide the following information with each entry:

    • Complete parts list. (NOTE: If a part has to be fabricated, please provide ALL of the information needed for someone else to fabricate it properly)

    • Detailed description of design and building techniques and methods

    • Detail any unique finishing methods or requirements

    • Detail any flight data that you have.   (Tell us how it performs!  Get us excited about YOUR design!)

    • BE CERTAIN to include your full name and address with each entry.  Phone and email are optional.

  • Make all documentation clear and complete.   It does not have to be computer generated, but still needs to be clear.  The intent is that you are trying to provide the documentation needed for others to reproduce your efforts.  They can not do that with incomplete or confusing documentation

  • Your design should include drawings and not just provide a description. (NOTE: Your drawings do NOT have to be done on a computer or even with a ruler.  They just have to be clear, correct and complete.  Don't let a lack of "drafting tools" or a computer prevent you from joining in the fun!)

  • Your design should include a complete parts list (NOTE: While we would obviously encourage you to use FlisKits parts, it is not necessary to do so.  If your design uses a part from another manufacturer, simply include the manufacturers name and part number.  If your design uses a part that needs to be fabricated (hand made), provide instructions on how to do so.  If your design includes a new part that doesn't currently exist, please describe it clearly and accurately so that it can be considered for fabrication.)

  • Test fly your bird!  While flight proven designs are not a requirement, more points will be awarded to one that has been flight proven.

  • If you can't flight test your design, provide some documentation to indicate its stability.  This can be a RockSIM file, the Barrowman equations worked out or even a simple string test.

  • Paint/finish your model.  Again, while not required, an attractive model will garner additional point during judging.

  • Please include all information with your entry such as name, address, email (if applicable) and such.  Do not assume that we will retain the envelope with your entry.

  • Photographs are strongly encouraged but not required.  A photograph provides a clear and exciting look at your design and demonstrates the "buildability" of your design.

  • FlisKits will be attending NARCON 2005 in Wisconsin.  Feel free to butter up one of the judges (Jim Flis) by bringing your entered design to be seen first hand!  (note: this will have no impact on judging, but will be a whole lot of fun for Jim!)

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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