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Deuce-Bash Rules

NOTICE: Entry deadline extended to 31-May
See below for details

All contests have rules, it's that simple.   We have done our best to keep the rules as simple and straight foreward as possible so that we can all still have fun.  Please review the rules, as listed below, and be sure that you adhear to them.  If you have a question, please send a note to deuce_bash@fliskits.com for clarification.

Entry Deadline Extention:
It has become apparent that the cold winter weather and wet raw spring weather is making it difficult for contestants to finish their models, especially in the northern states.  As a result of this, FlisKits has decided to extend the deadline for entries to Midnight (EST) on 31-May-2005.

  1. All entries become the property of FlisKits, Incorporated; none can be returned.  NOTE: The original designer maintains ownership of the "design" and all privileges thereto.   Only the "entry" ownership is maintained by FlisKits.

  2. Enter as often as you like!

  3. Employees of FlisKits, Inc. and members of their immediate families are not eligible to enter.

  4. Deuce based designs that have been entered into the FlisKits Design of the Month contest are still elligeble to enter the Deuce-Bash contest.  The goal is to get as many designs submitted as possible to show the versitility of this design.  NOTE: If you have entered your design in the DOM, you must reenter it here, with full documentation, if you wish to participate in the Deuce-Bash contest.

  5. Designs should be sent to FlisKits, Inc., Deuce-Bash Contest, 6 Jennifer Drive, Merrimack, NH, 03054, or via Email to deuce_bash@fliskits.com.  However, all Deuce's Wild! based plans sent to FlisKits, Inc. which are not specifically addressed to another contest or department will be automatically placed in the Deuce-Bash contest

  6. Basic Rules regarding acceptable designs:

    1. The minimum requirment is that you make use of the Deuce's Wild engine mount (eg: dual canted motors (canted at 15 degrees)).

    2. Upscale and Downscale entries are permitted so long as the motor mount is scalled appropriately (eg: two motors, in line, canted at 15 degrees)

    3. Designs that use ONLY the material that comes in a retail kit version of the Deuce's Wild! will earn bonus points during judging.

    4. Additional motors are allowed

    5. Multi-staging is allowed

    6. Fertile use of your imagination is allow (even encouraged!)

  7. Submissions must include all documentation, as well as your name and address.  Including your email address is helpful (but not required) and will allow us to contact you quicker should you win or if we have a question about your design.

  8. By entering this contest, you accept and agree that your design may be published on our web site and other publications with proper credit given.

  9. If two or more exceptional entries are received during any month the judges may, at their discretion, make identical Grand Prize awards or give additional special merit awards.

  10. Award winners will be notified by mail or email.  The name of each winner will then be announced on our web site.

Deuce-Bash Prizes!

Now, what would a contest be without prizes??   This contest will have one Grand Prize winner and up to two other winners depending on the number of entries received between now and the close of this contest.  The prizes are shown below:

Grand Prize
  • $50 FlisKits Bucks Gift Certificate!
  • 1 Deuce's Wild! kit!
  • 2 custom Deuce's Wild! dual engine mount kits (not available for purchase)

1st Prize1
  • $20 FlisKits Bucks Gift Certificate!
  • 1 Deuce's Wild! kit!
  • 1 custom Deuce's Wild! dual engine mount kits (not available for purchase)

2nd Prize2
  • Deuce's Wild! kit!

1) A "1st Prize" will only be issued if there are 5 or more entries.
2) A "2nd Prize" will only be issued if there are 10 or more entries.

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