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Deuce-Bash Main Page

Winners Announced!

Congratulations to:
Susan DeBerg: First Place - Land Shark
Justin Cartisano: Second Place - U.S.S. Deuce's Wild
Mark Schrader: Third Place - Deuce-4 Heavy Payloader

Matthew McFarland: Special Mention - Whirlygig

Man, and I thought the Design of the Month contest was hard to judge!

First, let me say that I am very proud of everyone who entered our contest.  The designs were incredible and will be remembered forever.  These pages will be kept on our site for all to enjoy far into the future.  Congratulations to everyone for a fine job in what is, to date, our most successful contest!

Take a moment to look over the winners listed below.   But don't forget to get yourself over to the ENTRIES page so that you can see all of the fun and exciting Deuce entries that were received.

A new contest is in the works, so keep watch!

The gang at FlisKits.

First Place
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white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) The Land Shark by Susan DeBerg:

A wonderful design with elements of other designs yet with a look truely unique.  A finishing job that is incredible to behold and a light hearted approach to rocketry themes.  This one touched me the moment we received it and I knew from the start that this one was going to be in the top 3, I just didn't know where.   I look forward to the day when I can see this beauty fly live.

Second Place
done-no-dome.jpg (45849 bytes)

U.S.S. Deuce's Wild by Justin Cartisano:

A very clever mixing of themes from the Deuce's Wild! and Star Trek (one of my all time favorite TV shows) comes to life in the U.S.S. Deuce's Wild.   Again, the finishing work is simply superb.  This thing looks like it has a strong active crew and would probably not get a second glance if seen orbiting Star Base One in one of the movies.  It's that good.

Third Place
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Deuce-4 Heavy Payloader by Mark Schrader:

Wow.  When I first saw this entry my impression was that it came to the wrong mail box.  My first thoughts were that someone had sent me pictures of a scale model that they had built using some parts from FlisKits and that they wanted to show it off.  But it didn't look *quite* right.  I didn't recognize the rocket (and I know a LOT of them).

Upon closer inspection of the entry I realized that it isn't a scale model after all, but a scale-LIKE model with a Deuce motor mount and this was, in fact, an entry in our contest.  The model is simply beautiful, the entry well documented and displayed and the bonus points certainly didn't hurt!

A fine addition to anyones fleet of model rockets!

Special Mention
needspaint.jpg (16589 bytes)

Whirlygig by Matthew McFarland:

Wow again!  If you look at the top of this page you will see a graphic that I created to show what I did and did not want with regard to entries in this contest.  I show a collection of the parts from a Deuce's Wild! kit followed by an assembled Deuce's Wild! with an "X" through it.  Then I wanted to show an example of what I was looking for so I cobbled the parts up into a *very* improbable design to get the idea across.

Son of a gun if Matthew didn't design and build that very same graphic!  I could not beleive it!  AND IT FLIES TOO!

I simply could NOT pass this design by with out recognizing its unique nature and incredible flights.  Not to mention I could not but recognize Matthew for all his hard work with 6 of the 15 entries in our Deuce Bash contest!

Congratulations, Matthew!

Well, it was bound to happen!  A contest devoted to the Deuce's Wild! kit and to those who love this kit!  The basic approach is simple, just look at the header image on this page.  You start with a Deuce's Wild! kit (as shown on the left) but you do NOT build a Deuce's Wild! (as shown in the center image).  Rather, you build something different, as shown on the right...    ...well, ok, maybe NOT as shown on the right, but you get the picture!

This exciting contest will run from midnight, 1-January-2005 through midnight (EST) on 31-March-2005, so you have a full 3 months to get your ideas in shape and submitted for judging!

Please take a moment to click on each of the links above to become familiar with this contest and this kit.  This will bettern prepare you for creating that winning entry.  The rules are simple, and better described in the RULES section, but basically, "Don't Build A Deuce's Wild!", it doesn't get much simpler than that!

Have fun and watch these pages for updates!   All rules and information about this contest are subject to change without notice, so it is up to you to review these pages before sending in your design!

Deuce-Bash Prizes!

Now, what would a contest be without prizes??   This contest will have one Grand Prize winner and up to two other winners depending on the number of entries received between now and the close of this contest.  The prizes are shown below:

Grand Prize
  • $50 FlisKits Bucks Gift Certificate!
  • 1 Deuce's Wild! kit!
  • 2 custom Deuce's Wild! dual engine mount kits (not available for purchase)

1st Prize1
  • $20 FlisKits Bucks Gift Certificate!
  • 1 Deuce's Wild! kit!
  • 1 custom Deuce's Wild! dual engine mount kits (not available for purchase)

2nd Prize2
  • Deuce's Wild! kit!

1) A "1st Prize" will only be issued if there are 5 or more entries.
2) A "2nd Prize" will only be issued if there are 10 or more entries.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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