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Upscale 29mm Deuce's Wild!
By: Mike Reese

I made this upscale deuce sometime ago. It uses 2 29mm 180 cases. I have flown it on all of the aerotech reloads for that case except he G-75J. Amazingly it flew once on a single H165 once accidentally and was stable, but the delay was way late. It sustained minor damage, and has been repaired.

sincerely Mike Reese TRA9830


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Below are some additional pictures submitted by Mike.  In a follow up email, Mike added:

My friend Todd Graves purchased a deuce kit from you last spring I think.  I thought it would be cool to upscale it.  I took your motor mount centering rings and scanned them on my computer.  I scaled them up to fit in a Loc 3" tube.  I cut them out of plywood with a hole saw.  The nose cone is a starndard Loc 3" nose cone. The fins I cut from g-10 fibreglass.  I built the rocket in rocsim with straight motor tubes instead of canted and balanced the rocket from that.  Unfortunately we lost the stock deuce at an Iowa launch, I put 2 d13-10 reloadeds in it and a slightly bigger than stock chute.We had a problem with it breaking a fin loose with the stock chute.


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