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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
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The Long Deuce
By: Matthew McFarland

This is my favorite so far! Notice in the deployment picture you can see an engine that I did not fit well that has ejected.

This one uses only Deuce parts. You will notice that I am using an Estes chute but that is just because when my two year old son decided to help me fly this yeaterday he ripped two of the shroud lines off of the Flis chute and I scavenged this one rather than building another Flis chute.

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1. Build the Deuces Wild kit as per the instructions except do not attach the nose cone. 

2. Take the instructions and roll them the long way around something of suitable size.  I used a 29mm motor mount for sizing.  Using thin CA glue, glue the instruction sheet onto itself forming a tube.  Now paint the new tube with CA glue as this will add rigidity.

3. With the nosecone aft end down on a flat surface, place the new tube on top of the nosecone so it is vertical.  Make sure the tube is straight as this is your guide.  Draw a line around the nosecone with a fine point sharpie marker using the tube as a guide.  This will make a fat line on the nose cone and this is good.  (See picture) nose-cone.jpg (25602 bytes)
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4. Cut the nosecone in two on the BOTTOM of the line you just marked.

5. Take the bottom piece of the nosecone and very carefully cut a little trough in the top all the way around the nosecone as close to the outside edge as you can.  (see picture)

nose-cone-mod.jpg (38326 bytes)

6. Fill the trough with 5min epoxy and put the instruction tube in the trough.  It may be advisable to put the newly glued nosecone in the body of the rocket to make sure everything is straight.

7. Take the top piece of the nose cone and sand it lightly to fit on top of the instruction tube, and glue it in.  (see picture) tube-installed.jpg (102668 bytes)

8. Paint fly etc.

I had 3 great flights on this one with A8-3’s and B6-4’s.   I flew it on a windy day and still recovered it only about 100 feet from the launch pad on the B flight.

ready-to-go.jpg (69505 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Ready for launch
liftoff.jpg (36894 bytes) Liftoff!  good burn, good boost
right-before-deploy.jpg (14162 bytes) Just before deployment of the parachute
floating.jpg (14760 bytes) Floating to the earth for another flight!
landed.jpg (82340 bytes) And down safetly!


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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