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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
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Special Mention Award!

By: Matthew McFarland

Thanks for all the fun!

Here is another entry for the Deuce Bash.

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It uses only the Deuce kit parts and leaves several parts for other projects.
1. Take the body tube and mark several lines on it.  All lines will be the length of the tube.  Using your Deuces wild template mark all five lines(the four fins and the launch lug.)  Now turn the fin template 180 degrees and line up all the fin marks with the template.  When it is lined up mark the launch lug line again.  The second launch lug line should be 180 degrees opposite the first launch lug line.  The launch lug lines are the top and bottom lines of the rocket.  You now have 6 lines, but you will only use four: the top and bottom for centering the motor mount wedge,  and the two bottom fin lines for the fins.

2. Find the center of the tube on the top and bottom lines.  Mark it well.

3. Take the Motor mount from the kit and get the cute little wedge.  Mark center of the bottom of the wedge.  Now cut a slot on the bodybottom.jpg (9982 bytes)
bodytop.jpg (10246 bytes) bottom line in the center just big enough for the center wedge to fit in.  You will also have to cut a little slot in the top tube line centered about
2mm long.  The wedge should just reach from bottom to top being flush with the tube.  Glue it in.

4. Cut circles right next to the wedge to accommodate the motor mounts. (see picture) Repeat on top and bottom.

5. Glue motor blocks in tubes and install tubes in the body tube.

6. Cut the bottom of the nose cone off  and save it for a nose block on another project.  (The recessed part that fits inside the BT-60 tube)

 7. Cut a radius in the bottom of the nose cone to fit the BT-60 tube.  Sand well to get a nice fit. (See Picture)

8. You will notice that the motor tubes stick out the top of the body tube.  You must cut recesses in the newly formed nose cone to accommodate this.  Now glue the nose cone on.  I taped the top of the motor mounts closed and then used jell epoxy as to add nose weight and not create voids in the nose.

nosemod.jpg (41992 bytes)

nosemod2.jpg (23254 bytes)
Another view showing the modified nose cone
and the motor mounts sticking up through the tube.

9. Make two fins from the Deuce pattern sheet and glue them on different fin lines on opposite ends of the tube. 

launchluglocation.jpg (66146 bytes)

10.  Now we need a launch lug.  Drill a hole as close to centerline as you can up from the bottom through the nose cone.  (see picture)

 11. Paint, fly, etc.

I used B6-0 engines and had 3 great flights.  I did not paint it because quite frankly, I did not know if it would be stable and I could not figure out how to put this rocket into RockSim.  The first flight was a beauty and I got a great picture of it leaving the pad.   You can see the  swirls in the exhaust as the rocket has already made a revolution.   It peaked out at about 150 feet as a guess and then tumbled about 4 times before it started spinning its way back to the ground.   All landings were soft and close.  The first one was about 20 feet from the launcher, the second two feet from the launcher, and the third 15 feet from the launcher. 

Now it is painted a beautiful yellow (OSHA warning color for rotating hazard) with one black fin so you can see it rotate.  Maybe I’ll send a picture of the painted product.


Matthew McFarland

Below are some flight photos!

ready-for-launch.jpg (17918 bytes)
On the pad, ready for launch!

launchswirl.jpg (41948 bytes)

20feetup.jpg (26686 bytes)
Swirling on her way up!

comingdown.jpg (8481 bytes)  comingdown2.jpg (11469 bytes)
Here she is on her return to earth!

roll-start.jpg (4480 bytes)
Starting her roll at apogee

up.jpg (8830 bytes)
Up in the air she shows her stuff

wayup.jpg (14138 bytes)
WAY up in the air!


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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