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Double Deuce
By: Nick Evans

The name of my entry is DoubleDeuce it is basically a 4-canted engine rocket instead of two. I had an interesting challenge to be able to get 4 engines into that size body tube. So what I ended up doing was moving two of the engines up farther into the body tube.

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Here is what the engine mount looks like.
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To get this motor mount I had to make an additional centering ring

I made this centering ring out of thick poster board, all I had to get the pattern was to lay one of the original centering rings on it and traced its pattern, then I laid the other centering ring on it sideways and traced its pattern to come up with what you see.

The next thing I had to do was to cut out the slots in the body tube for the motor mount to slide in it. Two of the slots just followed the pattern the other two had to be moved up 3/4” from the bottom of the body tube, and then extended to 4” in total length to allow the engine tube to fit.

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Here is what it looked like
004.jpg (18362 bytes)
Here is what it looks like after sliding the motor mount into the body.

And here is the final painted version of the rocket.
005.jpg (24081 bytes)

Basically after these few additions, everything else was built according to the instructions the only extra parts I needed for this was an extra centering ring. And two extra engine tubes cut long enough to be even with the other two.

I have flown this rocket several times with decent flights every time.

1st flight was on 4 A8-3, only 2 engines lit so it went off at a slight angle, but recovery was good

2nd flight was on 4 B6-4, only 2 lit again but ok flight and recovery

3rd flight was on 4 B6-4, this time 3 lit and ok flight again

4th flight was on 4 C6-5, two engines lit, and rocket landed in a pond, the engines then swelled in engine tubes, so I had to drill them out once it dried

I haven’t flown it since then because I need to fix one of the engine tubes, but I plan on making a new clip-whip, so all 4 engines will light at once, it should do really well.

Nick Evans


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