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Deuce-Bash Entries!

Winners Announced!

Congratulations to:
Susan DeBerg: First Place - Land Shark
Justin Cartisano: Second Place - U.S.S. Deuce's Wild
Mark Schrader: Third Place - Deuce-4 Heavy Payloader

Matthew McFarland: Special Mention - Whirlygig

Entries will be posted as they are received, within 2 weeks of receipt.  When your entry has been posted you will be notified via email or land mail.

These designs to not qualify for this contest as the contestants chose not to enter them.   They are included here as a complete collection of customer based Deuce's Wild! designs!

Scott Clement's Torpedo

Frederick Talasco's Nike Deuce

Jim Meyrs' Deucester Booster

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Deuce-4 Heavy Payloader
Mark Schrader
wild_dufo.jpg (15451 bytes)

Wild D'ufo
Adam Selene

img05.jpg (25709 bytes)

Deuce's Wild Payloader
Allan Lovering


done-no-dome.jpg (45849 bytes)
U.S.S. Deuce's Wild
Justin Cartisano

onpad.jpg (37235 bytes)
Land Shark
Susan DeBerg
005.jpg (24081 bytes)
Double Deuce
Nick Evans

painted-and-tagged.jpg (25487 bytes)
Deuceship One
By: Matthew McFarland
ready-to-go_crop.jpg (18854 bytes)
The Long Deuce
By: Matthew McFarland
double-deuce1crop.jpg (6323 bytes)
Double Deuce
By: Matthew McFarland

B-recovery.jpg (81523 bytes)
Space Station Deuce
By: Matthew McFarland


needspaint.jpg (16589 bytes)
By: Matthew McFarland

scale.jpg (28180 bytes)
Deuce Jr.
By: Matthew McFarland

0012.jpg (10850 bytes)
Deuce Booster
by Jim Myers

closeup.jpg (7106 bytes)
29mm Upscale
Deuce's Wild!
by Mike Reese
saucer.jpg (14450 bytes)
Area 51 Deuce
By: Michael Herndon


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