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FlisKits will be introducing many items that do not fall into neat categories for our line of Micromaxx® kits and parts.  You will find those items here.  They will include recovery items such as streamer material, cotton and Kevlar® line, shock cord anchors, basswood and plastic detailing pieces and much more!

This section will be created and uploaded soon, so keep watch!

Launch Lugs
LL-0-0025 MMX Launch Lug, 1/4" long, 0.10" OD, 8 per pack $1.95
LL-2-0050 MMX Launch Lug, 1/2" long, 0.10" OD, 8 per pack $2.25
LL-0-02 MMX Launch Lug, 2" long, 0.10" OD, 8 per pack $2.95
LL-0-MIX MMX Launch Lug mix, 4 each LL-0-0025, LL-0-0050, LL-02 $2.95

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