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FlisKits has your Micromaxx® Centering Ring needs covered!  With a wide and growing array of the most critical ring sizes, coupled with our turned balsa items and body tubes, you can design and build nearly anything that you can imagine!   Our precision laser cut rings are the envy of the industry with crisp cuts and accurate fit.  Take your micro designs to the MAXX with FlisKits!  If there are any Centering Rings that you need for your Micromaxx® projects that you do not see here, be sure to send us an email and make your request!  Keep watch over these pages for exciting additions and promotions!

Single engine Engine Mount Kits
icon_emk-6-3.gif (3804 bytes) EMK-6-3
Fits BT-3 Body Tube

$4.95 Three per package
icon_emk-6-4.gif (3904 bytes) EMK-6-4
Fits BT-4 Body Tube

$5.25 Three per package
icon_emk-6-5.gif (4153 bytes) EMK-6-5
Fits BT-5 Body Tube

$5.45 Three per package
Cluster Engine Mount Kits
icon_emk2-6-20.gif (4833 bytes) EMK2-6-20
Two 6mm motors in
a BT-20 tube.
$3.95 One per package
icon_emk3-6-20.gif (4726 bytes) EMK3-6-20
Three 6mm motors in
a BT-20 tube.
$4.45 One per package

Micromaxx® is a registered trademark of Quest Aerospace, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Used with permission.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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