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NOTE: All motors shipped USPS ground (parcel post).  Allow 7-10 business days after shipping.

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Standard MMXII-1 motors

Micromaxx® motors are specially designed 6mm model rocket motors produced by Quest Aerospace for use in very small rockets.  These motors are perfectly suited for all of our Micro to the Maxx! model rocket kits!  These motors are 6mm in diameter and 26mm (about 1") long.  FlisKits carries the MMXII-1 (0.31 N-sec total impulse with a 1 sec delay).  We also carry the MMXII-1-NE which is the same motor but with no Ejection Charge (NOTE: These motors DO have a delay charge of about 1 second).  Using standard nomenclature, they are approximately 1/12A and 1/8A respectively.
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We offer these in individual 6-packs that include igniters and instructions.  We also offer small bulk packs of five 6-packs at a reduced price.  NOTE: The current line of Micromaxx motors include the new Q2 Un-dipped igniters.

IMPORTANT: Please note, when ordering Micromaxx® motors, your entire order will be sent via parcel post (land) as model rocket motors can not be sent via air.  If you wish to have your order split to allow us to ship the non-motor portion of your order via Priority (air) mail, additional shipping charges will be incurred.  Please contact FlisKits for additional details.  Please allow 7-10 working days, after shipment, for your order to arrive.

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MMX-NE motors

NOTE: Motor sales are restricted to the continental United States at this time.  Please no foreign or overseas orders at this time.  Thank you.
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NOTE: Motor packs come WITH Q2 Un-Dipped igniters described below.

Single 6-pack of MMXII-1 motors
Mini-Bulk Pack
Five packs of MMXII-1 motors
A $44.95 value
for $37.95!

Single 6-pack of MMXII-NE motors
NE = NO Ejection Charge
  Mini-Bulk Pack
Five packs of MMXII-NE motors
A $54.95 value
for $37.95!

NEW Un-Dipped Q2 Igniters!

FlisKits is excited to introduce a new igniter that is perfectly suited for use with MMXII-1 micromaxx motors.  

The Quest Aerospace Q2 igniter, only these are NOT dipped in a pyrogen.  By this we mean that the nichrome igniter wire is bare with no added material to aid in motor ignition (common on most igniters).  The advantage here is that these igniters will actually FIT in the Micromaxx motors!  Standard dipped igniters are usually too large to fit and often cause ignition failures when used with these small motors.  Well NO MORE!

Click the image at right for a close up
of the tip of these exciting igniters!

Give these puppy a try at  your next launch!

Single 6-pack of Un-Dipped Q2 Igniters
Bulk Pack igniters
Five packs of Un-Dipped Q2 Igniters
A $29.95 value
for $25.45!

NOTE: Motor sales are restricted to the continental United States at this time.  Please no foreign or overseas orders at this time.  Thank you.
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FlisKits is constantly working on bringing to the rocketry community what the rocketry community needs and desires.  To that end, FlisKits will be looking into larger bulk packs of these motors as well as offering the MMX-1 motors.   We are also looking into carrying the standard (18mm) bulk packs of motors.   As soon as we have more information we will post it on our web site.  Keep watch!

Micromaxx® is a registered trademark of Quest Aerospace, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Used with permission.

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