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MX027-V2 (V2 standard kit): $13.95

MX027-VW (V2-WAC (Bumper)): $14.95
MX027-VB (bundle, BOTH kits!): $25.95 (save 10%)
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Scale models have always be popular and the V2 is probably the most popular non-USA rocket design out there!  FlisKits tends to shy away from over-done scale models, and the V2 was never on our list of potential products. 

It then came to pass that we discovered a vendor who could do 3D printing of nose cones for us and that opened up a possibility.  You see, a MICRO V2 would certainly be an awesome model and something we had actually considered.  Problem is, no one has found a successful way to bore a 1/4" diameter hole down the length of a balsa tail cone sized for a BT-5 tube (about the largest you could hope to make a micro V2).

With 3D printing, however, that problem is eliminated!  3D printing also opened up another possibility, and that was printing a custom cone with a dummy WAC Corporal missile (aka: the Bumper Project) atop the cone.  To our knowledge, a V2-WAC combination has never been offered as a kit in any scale.  Well, it is now!  

Featuring 3D printed nose and tail cones, laser cut basswood fins and water slide decals, this is a MUST HAVE for any scale buff!  We offer this model in 3 variants: Standard V2 (MX027-V2), V2-WAC (MX027-VW) or a combo offer where you get BOTH models together at a 10% savings (MX027-VB)!

See the short photo gallery below and keep watch for more pictures to come!

  Proto of the original V2-WAC.  This model has turned in some great flights!
  A close up, on the pad.  Not her maiden flight, but fun none the less!
  Micro rockets are always hard to catch in flight, but it can be done!

transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)


transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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