Traffic Cones

MX026 - Traffic Cones - $7.95

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What's a launch site without a couple of traffic cones to help protect your area!?  These whimsical model rocket kits perform like no other micro model rocket kit!  Featuring low weight coupled with high drag and tumble recovery means lightning fast liftoffs but reasonably low altitudes and close to the pad recoveries!  Everything you want in a rocket.

The Traffic Cones kit comes with TWO Traffic Cone kits and features a water slide decal for both.  There are currently 10 different decal sets, containing 20 total different decals for your traffic cones.  Collect all of them!

Best if painted in high visibility colors such as orange, red or yellow.  However, as with all FlisKits model rocket kits, the Traffic Cones are not pre-decorated, leaving you to your wonderful imagination for just the look you want!

Easy to assemble and super fast to prep for flight, these little guys will quickly become the hit at your next launch!  Check out the photo album below and keep watch as we add more fun to mix with these little micro models!

dsc05939.jpg (63158 bytes) Top view of the original proto type.  For these proto's all parts were hand cut.  The kit features laser cut parts for that "refined" look.  Well, however "refined" you can be when making a traffic cone...
dsc05940.jpg (58731 bytes) Bottom view of same proto model.  You can clearly see the central cone ring as well as where the launch lug exits the model.
dsc05859.jpg (81203 bytes) Sitting on the pad, you can get the feel for just how small this model is.  At 1.5" tall, it has become the smallest rocket in our fleet and the smallest Micromaxx rocket kit ever produced!
dsc05863.jpg (40318 bytes) Tracking straight and true!  It took a few launches to get the hang of capturing pictures of this rocket in flight.  While it is very high drag, it is also very light which results in very fast boost off of the pad.
DSC05783paste.jpg (31527 bytes) My first successful capture of the Traffic Cone in flight.  I thought I had missed it until I looked over the photo very closely.  A great shot!

transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)


transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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