MX016 - Tiddlywink - $9.95

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Responding to our customers has become one of the hallmarks of the FlisKits tradition.  Not long after the announcement that NARAM-51 was going to host 1/8A HD (Micro helicopter duration competition) than we began receiving inquiries about coming out with such a kit.  We assured our customers that we were looking into it, and the Tiddlywink is in response to that request.

Featuring light weight coupled with high lift blades, the Tiddlywink will give you straight, high boosts with graceful descents under a triplet of helicopter blades.  Highly reliable piston action alleviates the need for burn strings making the Tiddlywink a snap to prep for flight and a joy to watch, during boost as well as recovery!

Models that change their configuration during flight are a wonder to behold.  When done micro sized they are simply incredible!  Get your Tiddlywink today and see how exciting micro rocketry can really be.  Check out the photo's below of one of the proto-types to get a good idea of how this model looks and works.

Aim for the ceiling, and try not to miss!TM

tiddlywink02.jpg (55534 bytes)
Tiddlywink in the closed, or launch, configuration.
tiddlywink01.jpg (53346 bytes)
Tiddlywink in the open, or recovery, configuration
tiddlywink_close.JPG (55111 bytes)
Close up of the hub area of the Tiddlywink.


transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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