Mighty Saturn V

MX024 - Mighty Saturn V 1:884 - $9.95

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What fleet would be complete without the Mighty Saturn V moon rocket!  Standing less than 5" tall and at only 1:884 scale this is one of the smallest Saturn V kits ever put into production!

The implementation of a "drag cone" allows you to fly your Saturn V with the scale fins too (another first!).  Custom laser cut parts, precision nose cone and a full sheet of water slide decals will result in a model that will be the pride of any fleet of scale models, as well as micro models!

Add the Mighty Saturn V to your fleet of micro models and be the envy of your club!

dsc05918.jpg (57967 bytes) The first proto type of the Mighty Saturn V made use of a hand crafted nose cone from tubes and paper adapters, as well as ink-jet printed markings.  It wasn't the prettiest model out there, but it proved the concept, which was all we needed!.
dsc05952.jpg (31403 bytes) The next proto made use of the laser cut parts (base ring), precision turned nose cone and water slide decals.  The improvement on looks was dramatic!  Note also the Launch Escape Tower!  Special installation of this important detail will give you a tower that will survive flight after flight!
dsc05853.jpg (43881 bytes) Ready to take to the skies, the Mighty Saturn V sits on the pad awaiting countdown at our November 17th CMASS launch!
dsc05855.jpg (36435 bytes) Looking as majestic as any larger Saturn V model at a fraction of the cost, the Mighty Saturn V is a real crowd pleaser!

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