Plum Island Sound

MX022 - Plum Island Sound - $10.95

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Another of our very popular kits, the Nantucket Sound, made its way into my thoughts as I contemplated new micro models to develop.  The concern was whether or not such a short, stubby model can be made stable in micro size.

My first proto was a near duplicate of the Nantucket Sound, in miniature.  Standing only 4" tall and made entirely of hand cut parts, she was simply beautiful!  Our first test of the model resulted in a picture perfect flight to an impressive altitude and she quickly climbed to the top of our new product goals for 2012!

Featuring a large, detailed laser cut set of rings and fins, the Plum Island Sound has all of the charm of the original, but in micro form.  Sure to be a hit at your next launch, and one of the prizes of your fleet.

See below for links to skins that you can use to dress your Plum Island Sound up, or use your imagination to create the light house of your dreams!

dsc05937.jpg (64724 bytes) Rear view of the 1st proto type, it's hard to not imagine that this is the original Nantucket Sound, but it isn't...
dsc05938.jpg (54341 bytes) Here, with the notebook in clear view, you get a good idea of the small size of this big micro!  Also notice the detail in the nose cone.  Not the easiest build, but a most rewarding one!
dsc05848.jpg (91179 bytes) Ready for her maiden flight, the Plum Island Sound was a real treat to everyone at our launch!
dsc05849.jpg (53149 bytes) Looking good as she waits for her turn to take to the air.
dsc05850.jpg (49204 bytes) And AWAY she goes!  Arrow straight flight to over 100 feet and near pad recovery has become a hallmark of Micro to the MAXX rocketry! 
plum_rings.gif (22710 bytes) This image shows you the detailed and involved set of laser cut parts that come standard with the Plum Island Sound kit.  Tab & Slot construction also eases assembly allowing this model to come together faster than you may think. 

transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)


transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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