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The Nanite represents over a year of design, research and modification to bring you a micro sized slide-wing rocket glider that set the NAR 1/8A Rocket Glider record even before it was available for retail sale!

Setting new standards in the world of micro rocketry, the Nanite is a complex build, but not beyond any rocketeer with a lot of experience 

with Skill Level 2 kits and willing to take the time needed to really read and understand the instruction steps and then take the time to fabricate each part as described.  The biggest challenge will be working with such small parts on a rocket with moving sub-assemblies!

Shattering the previous NAR record for 1/8A rocket glide of 34 seconds with a stunning 49.38 seconds, the Nanite is poised to shatter even this high mark.  This record was set with an early proto type built and flown by 2007 National Champion Chan Stevens and, in Chan's own words, was built poorly (in large part due to lack of documentation provided for the build).  It is also important to note that in the time since that record was set, that same proto type has exceeded 60 seconds.  It is very likely that a well built and trimmed Nanite glider could shatter the 90 second mark!  Simply incredible!

The short photo essay below gives you some hint as to the size and complexity of this little model.  Don't let this scare you away though!  This is a great model to teach yourself the skills you desire and to obtain the experience you need to compete as well as to just get the most out of this exciting hobby!

nanite03.jpg (91021 bytes) transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Kit packaging.  Unlike the other model in the FlisKits Micro to the MAXXTM line of model rocket kits, the Nanite is packaged much like our standard line of kits.  This is mainly due to the large format for the instructions.  Unlike our other kits, where a single page of images with limited text is adequate to assemble the kit, the Nanite required 8 full pages of instruction, figures and flight prep.  Possibly the only kit in the industry where the instructions outweigh the model!  This level of detail helps to assure you success when tackling this build!
nanite04.jpg (78762 bytes) Boost and glide modes:  This image shows the Nanite rigged for launch (top of photo) and as she appears during the glide phase.  A "burn thread" is used to hold the wing assembly back at the tail, bringing the CP (Center of Pressure) back far enough to assure stability during boost.  The motors ejection charge burns this string allowing the wings to move forward under the tension of an elastic band.  (NOTE: This is a photo of an early proto type and may not match the production kit)
nanite05.jpg (75251 bytes) Boost and Glide modes: A different view showing the Nanite in boost mode (top two images) and glide mode.   (NOTE: This is a photo of an early proto type and may not match the production kit)
nanite02.jpg (75327 bytes) One of the early proto type Nanite models on the pad next to a conventional (A-C) sized boost glider at NSL-2007.  Quite the size difference!
nanite01.jpg (71993 bytes) A close up view of the Nanite on the pad.  The model is sitting on a spent 18mm motor casing, to give you an idea of the diminutive size of this exciting glider! 



transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

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