MX010 - Interloper - $8.95

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Uniquely suited for fast reconnaissance, the Interloper is often commissioned for quick fly-by photo missions of the remote, cold outer planets common in most planetary systems. It is also often called into service for military reconnaissance as its ability to get into harms way and back out, quickly, makes it a must for obtaining intelligence on enemy movements and operational power. Her small profile also helps in this capacity.

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The Interloper MTTM model rocket kit features laser cut fiber ram-jet fins (the main fins are cut your own from 1/16" balsa), water slide decals and a very unique look all her own. Standing only 6" tall, the Interloper will make the most of the tiny Micromaxx motors and the bright red Mylar streamer will make it easy to track on her return from flight.
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p1010002.jpg (55146 bytes)
The packaged kit, front and back.  You can click on this image for a higher resolution version of the picture.

transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

p1010001.jpg (43707 bytes)
This shows each of the parts included with the Interloper.   Note the penny shown at the top of the picture, for scale.

p1010628.jpg (88017 bytes)
This is an image of an earlier version proto-type (before we added the
guns on the fin tips and before we switched to 0.025" thick material for
the ram jet fins (what is shown is 0.050" thick material)
transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

This model is rated as a Skill Level 2.5 model.  Some Micromaxx® experience is needed and expected for proper construction of this model rocket kit..
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