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MX018 - HEMV-4 - $9.95

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The FlisKits HERC-5 has been such a popular model that we simply had to bring that design feature (nested tube fins) into the world of our Micro to the MAXXTM fleet of kits!

Featuring water slide decals and a simply OUT OF THIS WORLD look, the HEMV-4 turns in outstanding flights and has the coolest look while sailing into the air.

Moderately challenging to build, the HEMV-4 requires you to cut two tubes with curved edges and interlocking slits.  Not really "hard", but it may be new to you, as a model rocketeer.  Taking your time and using fresh (sharp) tools will make this part of the build a breeze!

Check out the photo's below to see how this model in action!  As micro models go, the HEMV-4 will become the jewel of your growing fleet of Micro to the MAXXTM

dsc03540.jpg (39637 bytes) The original proto type.  This image shows the detail in the tail end of the rocket and the wonderful feature of the nested tubes to define its unique look.
dsc03542.jpg (81297 bytes) Another vie showing the overall model, before paint.
dsc03543.jpg (55703 bytes) Close up of the nose section highlights another unique feature of this design with the cut tube.
dsc03737.jpg (78345 bytes) With the water slide decals needing to be tested, I needed to get this model painted!
dsc03738.jpg (45233 bytes) Needless to say, this is one model screaming for decals!  The addition of them really makes this model stand out!
dsc09163.jpg (47013 bytes) Sitting on the pad, she looks mean and beautiful all at the same time!
dsc09165.jpg (49742 bytes) In the air, she is simply stunning!  One of our better fliers!

Aim for the ceiling, and try not to miss!TM 


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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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