Eagle Eye

MX025 - Eagle Eye - $11.95

Click here for Micromaxx® motors!

The popularity of our Drake model rocket kit lead to this wonderful down-scale called the Eagle Eye.  Featuring laser cut fins and water slide decals, the Eagle Eye gives you yet another dimension to micro rocketry with a geometry never seen in such small models before.

Its larger size with the over size wings makes this an easy to see model as it screams into the air under the awesome power of the Micromaxx motors!  Seriously, even though these are only 1/8A motors, you will be shocked at how fast and high these actually go.  Altitudes of over 100 feet are possible with the Eagle Eye.  If that doesn't sound all that impressive, remember that this model is only about 1/4" in diameter and you can better appreciate what that will actually look like!

The photos below show images of the original proto type that lead to this exciting addition to the FlisKits line of Micro to the MAXX rocketry!

dsc05816.jpg (55743 bytes) This original proto model used hand cut parts and hasn't been painted.  My first painted version will be done with the production laser cut parts and I will post a photo when I have it complete.
dsc05817.jpg (59273 bytes) Another view of this proto shows off the exciting shape of this little model.
dsc05837.jpg (54486 bytes) On the pad and ready to go at our November 17th CMASS launch!
dsc05840.jpg (39022 bytes) Faster off the pad than expected, I nearly missed this launch photo of the Eagle Eye in flight!

transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)


transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

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