MX021 - Doubles - $10.95

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A new first for FlisKits and the mocro rocketry community!  A TWO-STAGED micro model!  

The advent of the Micromaxx-NE (No Ejection charge) model rocket motors introduced the possibilities of doing multi-staging with these tiny motors.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of tests around the world have proven reliable staging when using the new NE motors as the booster motor in conventional type multi-stage applications.

The Doubles model functions in the same manner as other standard multi-staged rockets in that the booster motor and the sustainer motor are taped together with a single wrap of cellophane tape to allow for clean, reliable staging.  The only difference with the Doubles design is that there is no inter-stage coupler used.  It was determined that it wasn't needed, added unwanted weight and greatly increased the drag of stage separation (reducing reliability).

The result is a BT-3 based, 2-stage model that goes higher than you would EVER expect a micro model to go!  My first thought, on flying the proto the first time, was "You should never have to walk THAT far to recover a micro model".  Without a doubt, the first micro model that is NOT recommended for your back yard!

IMPORTANT: The NE motors have no ejection charge, but they DO have a delay charge.  This is about a 1 second delay, which doesn't sound like much.  However, for rocketeers familiar with multi-stage rockets, you are used to the instant staging that comes at the moment of booster burnout.  NO SO with micro multi-staging.  Rather you get a 1 second delay between booster burn out and sustainer ignition.  This can be very nerve racking, if you aren't expecting it!

Also, be sure to have an alert recovery crew as you want to be sure to recover your booster as well.

This kit features water slide decals, to help dress it up, but does NOT include laser cut parts.  The fins are cut, from templates, from the provided balsa sheet.  The fin designs are simple and should pose no problems in cutting.

Be the first in your club to fly multi-stage micros!

dsc05813.jpg (63859 bytes) The Doubles proto type getting ready for her maiden flight..
dsc05814.jpg (68826 bytes) Not much larger than most other micro models, the addition of the booster will assure incredibly high flights!
dsc05898.jpg (117871 bytes) Sitting pretty, the Doubles waits for the countdown that will send her skyward!
dsc05900.jpg (39795 bytes) AMAZING off the pad, a nerve racking pause, then SEPARATION!  A simply amazing flight profile!

transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)


transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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