MX009 - doo-Hickey - $7.95

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The FlisKits doo-Hickey is a breakthrough in the world of micromaxx® technology.  Implementing FlisKits Jig-Tech™ technology has enabled us to present the first ever Skill Level 1 micromaxx® kit!

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At over 7" long and based on the BT-4 tube (0.448" OD), the doo-Hickey is a bit on the large size for a micromaxx® model.  This is to help young and inexperienced hands when working with such small parts as is normally found in a micromaxx® kit.   Small items such as the cord anchor (a small nail) and the engine block can be intimidating for the beginner and experienced alike.
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However, the feature that truly makes the doo-Hickey a skill level 1 kit is the use of Jig-Tech™ fins, first developed for the Thing-a-ma-Jig kit.  The figure below shows the nature of the fin, laser cut with tabs and slots, as well as how it is assembled.  The Jig-Tech™ design keeps the fins from falling off while the glue dries and also assures perfectly straight fins time after time.

The photo to the right (click on the image to see a larger version) is a rare photo of the launch of Randy Milliken's doo-Hickey kit.  Rare because it is so darned hard to capture the launches of these little guys on film!  Randy did a fine job here.

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Photo by Randy Milliken

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While some help may be needed by young and/or inexperienced builders, the doo-Hickey is going to be your easiest build, by far, for a micromaxx® model that uses conventional model rocket components such as wood fins and nose cone.

This model will also perform incredibly well, reaching altitudes of over 100 feet.  Easy to build, easy to prep and easy to recover.

Impress your friends, not only with our  Micromaxx® kits, but kits that are attractive, high performing and fun to watch, as only FlisKits can do!

Check out our other fine Micromaxx® offerings including kits, parts and accessories as FlisKits continues to grow this segment of model rocketry!

This model is rated as a Skill Level 1 model.  This is the perfect model to learn the skills and techniques to successfully build and fly FlisKits Micromaxx® model rocket kits.
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