Diminutive Deuce!

MX005 - Diminutive Deuce - $7.95

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The Deuce's Wild! canted motor model rocket concept has become one of the most popular and talked about design in the industry.  It's canted motor cluster produces the most distinctive smoke trail of any model rocket kit available with the possible exception of the Tres, her cousin kit.

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As a result of this popularity and the excitement generated by this design, FlisKits has started selling engine mount kits for the Deuce's Wild! as well as upscale (24mm) and down scale (13mm) versions of that mount.  To further highlight the popularity of this particular design, FlisKits held a transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

d_deuce_small.jpg (3665 bytes)
|A rather beat up image of the first proto-type.

"Deuce Bash" contest resulting in many exciting designs based on this most creative engine mount. 

The highlight of all of this popularity is the ongoing Tour de Deuce that is taking 2 Deuce's Wild! kits and flying them in every state in the United States of America.
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family_small.jpg (3665 bytes)
Diminutive Deuce
with her family of
other MMX kits.

transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes) It seems, with regard to the Deuce, that the fun never stops!   And that tradition continues with the announcement of the Diminutive Deuce!   The smallest of the Deuce family, the Diminutive Deuce measures in at a "diminutive" 6.56" tall, making it one of the smallest, if not THE smallest Micromaxx® cluster kits ever offered!
The Diminutive Deuce! comes with everything you need to construct this model.  This kit features balsawood fin stock with a fin pattern for cutting out 4 trapezoid fins, balsa nose cone, body tube, 2 motor tubes and a custom centering ring.  Also included is a fin pattern sheet with details on how to cut the body tube to accept the canted cluster motor mount.  Highly detailed instructions and high quality Kevlar® based recovery equipment make this kit a joy to build and a thrill to fly!
Diminutive Deuce!
Instructions also include details on how to prepare your model for flight including special tips on launching cluster Micromaxx® models.

Also, to get that classic two-tone yellow on blue Deuce paint scheme, we offer for free download the painting mask you will need to duplicate this attractive trademark paint job.  Simply click here to download the 140KB pdf file with the painting mask and instructions for use.


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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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