Big Honkin' Rocket

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MX015 - Big Honkin' Rocket - $10.95

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Sometimes we just like to have (safe) fun at the expense of the Range Safety Officer (RSO) at club launches.  Maybe you do too.  The Big Honkin' Rocket is just the thing!  Imagine the look on his or her face when they announce "On pad #1 we have a Big Honkin' Rocket!" only to have to squint to see that there is really a rocket ON the pad...

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The Big Honkin' Rocket kit is actually THREE rockets in one package.  The kit comes with enough material to build 3 complete Big Honkin' Rockets!  Our main thinking here was that there is a high likelihood that you will loose one of your Big Honkin' Rockets (oh, behind a blade of grass or something) and it would be nice to have a spare.  Or two...

Explore the extreme of micro rocketry with the smallest model rocket kit ever to hit the hobby shop shelves!  You'll never believe just how high these darned little things can go till you see a Big Honkin' Rocket hit the sky.  

Have fun at your next launch and tell all of your friends that you are going to
launch your Big Honkin' Rocket and they should come watch!

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Image of two early proto types showing a different fin style than the final kit design.  The fin shape was changed to improve the stability margin on these tiny rockets.
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These proto types flew at a recent CMASS launch.  This one was quickly lost then discovered near the end of the day by another rocketeer!


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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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