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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Model Rocket!
  Multi Stage model
SKill Level 2.5 - Intermediate Plus
Multi Stage model
Model Number: MS004
Trifecta model rocket

for free Fin Wrap Patterns!

Length: 5.25" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 0.541"
Fin Span: 5.27"
Weight: 0.4 oz.
Feather Weight Recovery  
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Recommended Engines:
 A10-0T     (3 required)

Retail: $ 15.95

Building on the success and excitement of the Frick-n-Frack, FlisKits brings you the ultimate in 3-stage performance!

Performance, you say?  Well, now, that depends on who is defining "Performance".  No, this model does not go very high.  RATHER, it is easily recovered.  ALL THREE STAGES!  There aren't many 3-stage rockets that can make that claim! 

On the A10 booster motor this model stages the first time about 35 feet up, then again at about 100 feet with a final sustainer altitude of about 150 feet.  The entire model, all 3 parts, will land within a short walk of the launch pad!

Try THAT with a conventional 3-stage rocket!

Featuring precision laser cut fins and an easy to use fin alignment jig, the Trifecta is quite easy to build, a breeze to prep for flight and a joy to fly!  Oh, did I mention that it's easy to recover also??

Startle your friends, tickle the fancy of your multi-stage rocket buddies and get the most out of multi-stage flights every time!  Looking like a single stage model on the pad, the Trifecta never fails to bring a smile to all who watch her do her stuff.

Check out the short photo album below for some pictures of the proto type being built and flown and get the most out of your model rocketry experience!

trifecta01.jpg (64110 bytes) Assembly of the 2nd stage, using the alignment jig and the first stage to assure proper alignment of all of the fins and plates.
trifecta02.JPG (85554 bytes) Top down view of the finished model
trifecta03.JPG (88037 bytes) All 3 stages, side by side, ready to be prepped for flight
trifecta04.JPG (77854 bytes) Prepped for flight and ready to go!
trifecta05.jpg (39183 bytes) The moment of staging is captured in this photo.

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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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