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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Up and Down Scale Parts Pack!
Skill Level 3 - Advanced Cluster model Cluster model
13mm 24mm
Length: 34.52" 57.75" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 1.325" 2.217"
Fin Span: 5.9" 9.85"
 Parachute Recovery  3 motor cluster
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Recommended Engines:
3 matching motors required!

13mm Tres
   A3-4T  A10-3T

24mm Tres
   C11-5  D12-5 E9-6

13mm Tres
Parts Pack

18mm Tres kit

24mm Tres
Parts Pack

All 3 Tres!
SAVE 10%
Separately $85.85

Build your own 13mm and 24mm versions of the
Tres model rocket kit!

The popularity of the 13mm & 24mm versions of the Deuce's Wild engine mount kit has led FlisKits to extend this idea to the Tres engine mount kit.

The originator of the canted motor model rocket kit, FlisKits is proud to offer these exciting engine mount kits in the hope that they spark the imagination in the rocketry community.

If you are looking for JUST the engine mount kits, you can follow this link to our selection of Engine Mounts.

When we displayed these new Tres engine mount kits in up scaled and down scaled versions of the Tres the reaction was instant and we began receiving requests to kit these two versions of the Tres.

With a long list of kits that FlisKits wants to get out in the coming months and years, it was not practical to put such versions of the Tres on the schedule, however we're doing our best to meet the rocketry community half way!

We are proud to be able to offer Parts Packs for the 13mm and the 24mm version of the Tres (If you wish to have the 18mm version you can still purchase the full kit).  These parts packs are NOT complete kits, but provide the custom items as well as the body tubes needed to assembly exacting versions of this exciting rocket in either 13mm (down scale) or 24mm (up scale).  The contents of each parts pack is detailed in the table below:

NOTE: It is recommended that you build the KIT version of the Tres before you attempt these Parts Packs.  The experience gained from this will go a long way towards helping you with successful scaling of this exciting design.


13mm pack 24mm pack Description
EMK3-13-55C EMK3-24-70C Engine Mount Kit
BT-50-18 BT-60-18 Upper Body Tube
  BT-60-0850 Upper Body Tube
  CPL-60-015 Tube Coupler
BT-55-18 BT-70-175 Lower Body Tube
  BT-70-09 Lower Body Tube
  CPL-70-04 Tube Coupler
NCB-50-NM NCB-60-NM Nose Cone
TAB-5055-008 TAB-6070-013 Balsa Adapter
SDS-CL003-13MM SDS-CL003-24MM Data Set for parts pack

In addition to the items provided in the parts pack, the builder will have to download the Data Set for the version purchased. This data set contains fin patterns, dimensional information, fin marking guides as well as other information regarding the build and other items that will needed but are not included with this parts pack.

The link to download the appropriate data set can be found in the table above.  IMPORTANT: When printing the data set you must disable the "Scale to Fit" feature of your printer (under printer options when you print) in order to assure that the documents are printed at the correct scale.  To help you verify that you have the proper size prints we have put a 1" square on each page.  Measure this directly to verify that the square is the proper size.

The photos below show off the proto types of the 13mm and 24mm versions of the Tres using these parts.  Beautiful flights by both models and a very exciting addition to the FlisKits offering.  You can click on the thumbnail images for the full size image.

13mm_static.jpg (84116 bytes)
13mm Tres on the pad
13mm_launch.jpg (71284 bytes)
Perfect flight on a triplet of A3-4T motors
24mm_static01.jpg (32606 bytes)
24mm Tres on the pad

24mm_static02.jpg (70306 bytes)
24mm Tres ready for launch!
24mm_launch01.jpg (60081 bytes)
24mm Tres gives a
perfect boost on D12-5 motors
24mm_launch02.jpg (38040 bytes)
The 24mm Tres
soars high into the sky!




rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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