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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!  
Model Rocket!
Skill Level 2.5 Futuristic model Future model
Model Number: FR017
Tiberius model rocket

for free painting template!

Length: 10.86" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 2.21"
Fin Span: 4.57"
Weight: 2.4 oz.
Parachute Recovery
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Recommended Engines:
B6-4   C6-5

Retail: $ 26.95

It's a special kind of feeling when you can do something special for someONE who is so special to you.  Being in a position to name a new model rocket kit (or whatever product you manufacture) after your grand son is just too cool for words!

While it isn't world shaking, it is still fun.  It is my hope that as Tiberius grows up he feels just that extra little bit special because his name appears on one of Gramps' model rocket kits!

As for the model itself, the Tiberius reflects a retro look that appeals

to the folks at FlisKits and, if comments are any measure, by rocketeers far and wide. Features offered with this kit include:

  • Water slide decals
  • Laser cut fins
  • Raised panel details
  • 3D printed nose tip

The kit includes a ping-pong ball that is used to make windows for two port holes and the decals sheet is just riddled with rivets to help with that retro look we love so much.  If any kit was destine for a Steam-Punk look, the Tiberius is your ship!

A couple of the figures, shown below, give you an idea of the assembly procedure.  While not all that complicated to build, it does present some new challenges to even an avid model rocket builder.

Of special note we have the full body shroud, which forms the main air frame of the model.  We also have the cutting and attaching of 21 small (3/4" long) pieces of wood dowel that go on to form the ring of retro rockets around the main motor tube.

While a "futuristic" kit in the literal sense, the Tiberius really falls into a category all her own.  Not so much a part of the United Solar Planetary Federation as she is part of a USPF as imagined by someone found way back in its own history.  Think about that...  A ship designed to represent a fictitious future from the past of the fictitious future it was trying to represent.  Wrap yer head around THAT for a while and you'll start to get an idea of what makes FlisKits tick...

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The figure above, from the instructions, the attachment of the fins.  Note that the small retro-rockets have already been attached to the bottom of the model.
white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

This image shows a figure from the instructions detailing the attachment of a laser cut balsawood ring over the ping-pong ball section, completing one of the port holes.  Decals provided allow you to put rivets around the port holes.

Tiberius on the pad at a recent CMASS launch.  A couple of initial flights indicated the need for nose weight, so that was added for the next CMASS launch
The nose weight proved successful as we have a picture perfect flight on a B6-4 (followed by a perfect flight on a C6-5). 
As soon as the parachute opened I knew we had, not only a new kit offering, but something extra special in the world of retro rocketry!
The landing marked the final push toward the announcement of this kit.  I went home and began ordering parts and finalizing the kit documentation.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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