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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Model Rocket!
  Futuristic model
Skill Level 3 - Advanced
Futuristic model
Model Number: FR015
Tesla model rocket

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Length: 22.65" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 0.976"
Fin Span: 6.06"
Weight: 2.6 oz.
Parachute Recovery Waterslide Decals
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Recommended Engines:
 B6-2 motor C6-3 motor  

Retail: $ 41.95

Augment your model with a Baffle Kit!
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BAF-50 : $4.75

NARCON 2015! 

The name "Tesla" brings about images of electricity, lightning bolts, power and imagination to anyone with even a rudimentary interest in the sciences.

Hailed as one of the unsung hero's of the early scientific revolution, Nikola Tesla was a futurist best known for his contribution to the concept of Alternating Current (what we all use today in our homes).

The Tesla model rocket kit, 3 years in the making, is an homage to his work and his dreams.  May he never be forgotten!

The most notable aspect of the Tesla model rocket kit is the large, plastic hoop that commands your attention!  Sitting mid-ship, upon the tips of 4 fins, the hoop inspires the imagination and just looks so darned cool!  This, the main feature of this kit, is further augmented by many exciting kit details including many laser cut parts, raised panels, decals and more.

A must have for the futuristic kit fanatic as well as those well schooled in the world of scientific discovery and those with a keen, vibrant imagination.  Representing the latest in shared technology among the surrounding empires of the USPF, the Tesla is the first true "Jump Ship" and she is ready to make her first deep space jump, right into your fleet!

The Tesla kit features:

  • Large balsa nose cone

  • Unique hoop integral to the design

  • Large, laser cut, fiber fins

  • Laser cut raised panel details for the fins

  • Large sheet of colorful water slide decals!

Standing nearly 23" tall and weighing in at 2.6 oz., the Tesla is note a performance ship, but a ship of the imagination.  She won't go as high or as fast as most rockets her size, but man oh man, she will look very cool getting there!

Fly the Tesla!
Let your imagination soar!

Enjoy the short photo album below.  Click on a thumbnail image to bring up a full size picture in this frame.  Use your browsers BACK button to return to this page.

white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) One of the later proto-types just before heading out to our club launch to verify recent changes to the design.  the only difference between this and the final product is the shape of the nose cone.
Close up of using the provided "Ring Jig" to set the position of this exterior ring on the bottom of the model.  It's position is critical.
Figure 11 from the assembly instructions showing the use of the Ring Jig for setting the ring position.
A close up of the tail with the Secondary Fins attached (note the lines showing the location of the Main Fins). This image shows you the importance of getting that exterior ring set properly.
Here I am holding a very early proto type.  Note the position of the mid-body tube.  To aid in stability, this had to be moved much further up the body tube, as can be seen in the final product.
Another figure showing the attachment of the hoop.  This figure helps illustrate the complexity of the kits geometry.
Nice shot of her laying on her side..
Close up of the tail section showing the "Raised Panel Detail" on the fins, which really adds to the looks of the finished model.

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