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  Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Richter Recker Skill Level 2 - Intermediate Cluster model Cluster model
Model Number: CL001
Welcome to the Richter Recker download page!

After much discussion with our customers we have made the decision to remove the peel-n-stick decal sheet from the Richter Recker kit.  This decision was made for several reasons, the most prevalent of which was that most of our customers either did not care for the design or they did not care for the material used in these decals.

However, one suggestion received high praise and that was to make markings for this rocket available for download so that if customers wanted to they could download them and either print them onto label paper or even onto decal stock to apply to their Richter Recker model.

So, below you will find several download markings that you can explore for your Richter Recker model.  It is our hope that you are able to make good use of these files.  If there are any other marking ideas or color suggestions that you may have, please send an email to jflis2@fliskits.com  and we will see what we can do.

You can also Click Here for a painting template to help you design your paint scheme!

Click on the image shown on the left to download the pdf file of the decal sheet shown,
and described on the right

rr_dcs_orig.gif (8319 bytes) The original Richter Recker markings.  This is a duplicate of the peel-n-stick decal sheet that used to be provided with each kit.

458KB PDF file

rr_dcs_1.gif (6488 bytes) New Look! This decal sheet represents the new look for the Richter Recker.  Big bold print with a Richter scale image superimposed on the logo.  This is designed to be cut into two sections and applied to the model as shown in the new cover art

1.5MB PDF file

rr_dcs_2.gif (6552 bytes) Two different types of fin markings.  The Richter Recker comes with two different size fins.  These markings assume that one sized fin will be painted black while the other will be painted a dark red.  Each pattern also shows, in miniature, what the decal should look like on the final fin.

286KB PDF file

rr_dcs_3.gif (4906 bytes) This is a third suggested fin marking for the new Richter Recker.  Check it out!

226KB PDF file

rr_dcs_3.gif (4906 bytes) Scallop masking template - Positive image

64KB PDF file


rr_dcs_3.gif (4906 bytes) Scallop masking template - Negative image

65KB PDF file

rr_dcs_3.gif (4906 bytes) Roll patterns and bars

63KB PDF file

rr_dcs_3.gif (4906 bytes) Additional fin detailing choices

74KB PDF file

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