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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Proxima Centauri
Model Rocket!
  Futuristic model
Skill Level 2.5 - Intermediate +
Futuristic model
Model Number: FR013
Proxima Centauri model rocket

for free painting template!

Length: 35.4" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 0.976"
Fin Span: 9.2"
Weight: 3.1 oz.
Parachute Recovery Waterslide Decals
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Recommended Engines:
 B4-2 motor B6-2 motor C6-3 motor  

Retail: $ 34.95

Augment your model with a Baffle Kit!
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BAF-50 : $4.75

Celebrating our history? 

Well, in a way.  The Proxima Centauri kit is designed to represent the first ever ship to explore beyond our solar system.  Her mission is to travel to our nearest neighbor, Proxima Centauri, and to see if there are any habitable planets there.  

The "history" part?  Well, the story behind this ship and this mission is that it all took place in the PAST for the current members of the United Solar Planetary Federation, as depicted in so many of our other futuristic kits (check'em out, there's an exciting back-story to many of them in the universe of the USPF).

This historic mission is being celebrated on the 200th anniversary of her launch from earth orbit with a crew of 83 officers, scientist and other crew.

Her discovery of habitable planets, establishment of the first colony and the mysterious loss of 20 of the crew on the fateful return mission.

Discover the true beginnings of what becomes the largest political union of races in the known galaxy!  The faltering steps towards independence as we explore the outer reaches of near space on our quest to spread knowledge and add diversity to our lives!

Fly the Proxima Centauri!

The Proxima Centauri kit features:

  • Large balsa nose cone

  • Balsa tube adapter (transition)

  • 4 plastic rod details

  • Large fins

  • Large sheet of colorful water slide decals!

Standing nearly 3 feet tall, the Proxima Centauri is a must for any enthusiast of future possibilities and the idea that we not only WILL go out there, we MUST go out there!

Create your own universe, adventures and explorations as you build and fly the "future historic" vessel, the Proxima Centauri!

Enjoy the short photo album below.  Click on a thumbnail image to bring up a full size picture in this frame.  Use your browsers BACK button to return to this page.

Proxima Centauri.gif (106866 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Graphic of the final version of the Proxima Centauri kit, made during product development.
dsc00492.jpg (108512 bytes) Photo of the front and back of the first kits off of the production line!
figure09.gif (38616 bytes) Figure 9 from the assembly instructions showing the unique engine mount used for this kit
figure16.gif (35036 bytes) Mounting of the large fins (cut from a template) in this kit shows how they contour into the engine mount shrouds for a very interesting look.
figure22.gif (48162 bytes) Laser cut details (fin flairs) decorate the forward part of the lower tube and act as anchor points for the plastic rods that sweep up to the fin tips.
Proxima Centari 16.jpg (145636 bytes) Tony Vincent, CMASS, did me the honor of building a BEAUTIFUL show version of the Proxima Centauri using all of the actual kit parts.  This is the actual model used as the photo subject found on the kit cover art.  A simply beautiful job of assembly, finish and decal application.  Thank you Tony!

Photo by Tony Vincent.

Proxima Centari 2.jpg (122491 bytes) These next 4 shots show the Proxima Centauri from all 4 sides.  This series can serve as an aid in placing decals (NOTE: A fully detail decal placement sheet is included with the kit instructions)

Photo by Tony Vincent.

Proxima Centari 3.jpg (97458 bytes) Side 2 of 4

Photo by Tony Vincent.

Proxima Centari 4.jpg (112523 bytes) Side 3 of 4

Photo by Tony Vincent.

Proxima Centari 5.jpg (98131 bytes) Side 4 of 4

Photo by Tony Vincent.

Proxima Centari 12.jpg (80272 bytes) Close up of the mid-body decal detail.  This is the "Communications Module".

Photo by Tony Vincent.

Proxima Centari 13.jpg (165508 bytes) Close up of the Fin Flair area near the lower (balsa) transition.

Photo by Tony Vincent.

Proxima Centari 15.jpg (101350 bytes) Engine/Fin details of the "Return Module"

Photo by Tony Vincent.

Proxima Centari 18.jpg (108543 bytes) Close up of the "Colonization Module"

Photo by Tony Vincent.

Proxima Centari 6.jpg (171987 bytes) Fin details, view 1 of 2

Photo by Tony Vincent.

Proxima Centari 7.jpg (155100 bytes) Fin details, view 2 of 2

Photo by Tony Vincent.

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white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)


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