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Corona-2 Booster Skill Level 2 Sport Sport
Model Number: SP001-B2
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Length: 4.57" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 1.637"
Fin Span: 7.6"
Weight: 0.35 oz.
Recovery: Tumble Recovery
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Recommended Engines:
  B6-0 motor C6-0 motor

Retail: $ 5.95*

*NOTE: Get the Praetor and Praetor-II at the same time and save a buck!

Combo: $ 26.90
(Combined cost is $27.90)

For the rocket BEGGING for a booster!


Brought about as a direct result of customer feedback, the Praetor-II booster is the latest in a series of kit accessories to help add excitement to proven products in the FlisKits line of model rocket kits.

Taking the Praetor to new heights, this exciting booster stage can be adapted to fit pre-existing Praetor models and makes the perfect addition to an already exciting kit!

Also great as a combo deal where you can purchase the Praetor model and the Praetor-II booster together and save $1.00 over the individual item prices.

Providing a very nice profile as a combined craft, the combination of the booster plus the Praetor gives this stack the look of a military air-to-air or surface-to-air missile.

As with the Praetor model, you will be cutting trapezoid fins from provided balsa stock.  Also, some modification may be needed to the stage coupler depending on how closely you followed the instructions in building your Praetor model.  All of this, and more, is covered in the instructions for the booster.
The following images show you the Praetor-II in action, along with a figure from the instructions!  Click on the thumbnail for a full size image.
praetor-ii_pad.jpg (23120 bytes)

The Praetor-II stack on the launch pad ready to go 

praetor-ii_launch.jpg (41865 bytes)

Off we go on a pair of C6 motors!  The model staged high up in the sky with the booster tumbling down as the Praetor screamed in to the sky!

praetor-ii_chute.jpg (24280 bytes)

Returning on a brightly colored 16" parachute, the Praetor is ready to go again!

praetor_ii_flight_prep.gif (88671 bytes)

This figure from the instructions shows the flight prep section for the Praetor-II combination. 


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