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Overdrive Model Rocket! Skill Level 1 Sport Model Sport model
Model Number: SP005
Overdrive model rocket
Length: 10.0" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 0.541"
Fin Span: 3.54"
Weight: 0.3 oz.
Streamer Recovery
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Recommended Engines:
 1/4A3-3T 1/2A3-4T A3-4T motor (First Flight) A10-3T motor 
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Out of production

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Going Out of Production
Price reduced 10% for month of December!

Due to customer feedback and the desire to keep the OverDrive as a good choice as a Skill Level 1 (beginners) rocket, we have upgraded this kit to include laser cut fins.  While we maintain that there is a desire and need to teach even beginner model rocketeers how to work with the tools needed to cut and shape balsa, we agree that this particular kit, with 8 different fins, is too complicated to be a beginner kit if you have to cut and shape that many fins.  The precision laser cut fins should make this kit an absolute dream to build and fly and it is also perfect for your classroom or youth group to teach model rocketry.

The Overdrive makes a great first or second rocket for your new and growing fleet of model rockets!

Sporting a fighter aircraft profile and sharp looking forward swept fins, the Overdrive will sail nearly out of site on the A10-3T motor!

A large colorful streamer provides easy and safe recovery even in small fields.  Don't let size fool you, the Overdrive has what it takes to be a prize model in your fleet!

The Overdrive model rocket kit includes a beginners summary report on prepping your model for flight and recovery!

face.gif (2810 bytes) This is a high quality kit with first rate components. Not for the first time builder, this kit provides
several challenges for youngsters or others with limited exacto knife and glue skills. It flies straight, very high and recovers nicely on 13mm engines. - Russ A.

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face.gif (2810 bytes) the FlisKits Overdrive is very slick model made from some of the highest quality parts
available, making it a real pleasure to build and fly. My son is very happy with how the model turned out as am I, and we look forward to many more launches with it. I recommend this kit to anyone that wants a slightly challenging build and a good flying sport rocket. - Carl T.

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face.gif (2810 bytes) The Flea was a breeze for my oldest son (age 10)! Overdrive was a bit challenging for my youngest
son (age 8) but he had fun, he painted it bright orange and dark blue, it looks pretty wild. - Leif


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