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  Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Night Whisper
Photo Album
Skill Level 3 - Advanced Futuristic model Futuristic Model
Model Number: FR006
Welcome to the FarScape/Night Whisper Photo Album!

Click on the thumbnails to bring up a full sized image.  Use your browser BACK button to return to this album.  If YOU have a photo of the Night Whisper that you would like to see in this album, please send the photograph to jflis2@fliskits.com (highest resolution possible) along with information about the photo and the kit.  If you do not have a digital camera or scanner, you can send photo prints to FlisKits, Inc., 6 Jennifer Drive, Merrimack, NH 03054.  FlisKits, Inc. can only return photo prints if they are accompanied by a stamped, self addressed envelope.

The Night Whisper, announced at NARAM-46 as the FarScape kit in August of 2004, continues the reputation of FlisKits in bringing out kits that stretch the imagination and challenge the builder.  One of our finest kits, the FarScape will set your fleet of model rocket kits apart from all the rest!
farscape02.gif (29111 bytes) Profile and top view showing the detailed waterslide decals that are featured on this kit.  (NOTE: This image, and the ones below are of the original proto-type.  This version does not have the waterslide decals in place)
P2210001sm.jpg (78258 bytes) End view shoiwng the intracate banks of antenna and guns along with the decals. 
P2210002sm.jpg (65215 bytes) Another view of the tail end of the Night Whisper
P3260143.JPG (78135 bytes) Perfect boost at NARAM-46 on a C6-5 motor (my favorite motor for this kit).

This unique angle shows the Night Whisper from the side with a very narrow profile

P3270191.JPG (108116 bytes) Another NARAM-46 launch.  A bit over exposed, but this shows a nice profile during boost.
P3290239.JPG (69732 bytes) Last NARAM launch, perfect boost and recovery.  This model really "wowed" the crowed at NARAM!

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