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  Scale model
Skill Level 3.5 - Experienced Plus
Scale model
Model Number: SC003
Nell model rocket

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Launch your Nell as Goddard did!

Length: 50.5" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 2.217"
Fin Span: 6.7"
Weight: 3.8 oz.
Parachute Recovery  
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Recommended Engines:
 B4-2 motor B6-2 motor C6-3 motor  

Retail: $ 34.95

"It has often proved true that the dream of yesterday is the hope of today, and the reality of tomorrow"  From Robert Goddard's valedictorian speech in 1904

This scale model of the worlds first successful liquid fueled rocket was designed, built and flown by Robert H. Goddard on March 16th, 1926 in Auburn, MA.  You are looking at a model of the most historically significant rocket ever flown! 

From Goddard's diary the next day: “The first flight with a rocket using liquid propellants was made yesterday at Aunt Effie’s farm in Auburn. It looked almost magical as it rose... Some of the surprising things were the absence of smoke, the lack of a very loud roar, and smallness of the flame.” 
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We have seen rockets bring the communications revolution to the world.  We now forecast weather with greater accuracy than ever before.  We've seen the surface of Mars, the clouds of Jupiter and the moons of Neptune.  We've landed man on the moon have have lived in space for months at a time!

All thanks to the vision of a man thought by many to be foolish if not downright crazy.

From Goddard’s diary from his teen years:
"On the afternoon of October 19, 1899, I climbed a tall cherry tree and, armed with a saw which I still have, and a hatchet, started to trim the dead limbs from the cherry tree. It was one of the quiet, colorful afternoons of sheer beauty which we have in October in New England, and as I looked towards the fields at the east, I imagined how wonderful it would be to make some device which had even the possibility of ascending to 

Mars. I was a different boy when I descended the tree from when I ascended for existence at last seemed very purposive." 

THAT was the spark.  Read that entry again.  You can almost hear the spark going off as he recounts that afternoon sitting in a cherry tree.  It is the rare person who can recall the moment that spark strikes.

A moderately complex build, mainly because many of the steps are not common model rocket assembly steps, the Nell is not all that hard to assemble if you carefully read and follow the instructions.

One of two commemorative kits for NARCON 2010.  FlisKits is proud to be able to bring this historic series to life in the form of these two kits (See the FlisKits L13).  Further, a model of this kit was assembled and finished by Tony Vincent for donation to the Mott Linn, curator of the Goddard Exhibit at Clark University in Worcester, MA.  Before the donation, this model will be flown at the VERY SAME SITE where Goddard flew the original back in 1926.  This is a historic occasion honoring a historic event and a monumental mind.  Special thanks go out to Tony for his excellent work on this build!

Enjoy the short photo album below.  Click on a thumbnail image to bring up a full size picture in this frame.  Use your browsers BACK button to return to this page.

DSC04342.JPG (30543 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) First of 2 proto types built to work out assembly and material issues to help make this a successful kit that others could build
DSC06195sm2.jpg (93581 bytes) The second proto type looks much like the first but it actually reflects several major changes to the design that improved its strength and ease of assembly.  This model reflects what the kit version looks like.  Both proto types have flown 6-7 times each over the past several months.
DSC04364.JPG (93097 bytes) Scott looks on during a CMASS launch where the proto type of Nell was first shown.  You can see the rocket sitting in the scale launch rig (plans available for download).  As with the original, it is often hard to determine what part of this combination is rocket and what part is launch rig!
DSC04365.JPG (47815 bytes) And we have LIFTOFF!  A C6-3 motor produces a great flight as well as an impressive appearance in the air.  Most remarkable were the number of comments I got back long after the launch day was done, commenting about the number of conversations folks had with their children on the history of rocketry and a man named Robert Goddard.  Making history and science fun.  What a concept!
DSC04365crop.jpg (14098 bytes) A close up of Nell under full power.  She actually flies better than the original!
The following photo's were taken by Tony Vincent.  Tony built this version of the Nell for the express purpose of having it for display at the Goddard exhibit at Clark University.  The added significance of this rocket is that it will be flown, from a scale launch rig, on the very same site that Goddard launched his original in Auburn, MA after the NARCON festivities the weekend of March 12th.  After the launch, this model, along with the L-13 from Tony, will be donated to Mott Linn and the Goddard exhibit at Clark University.  Thank you, Tony, for all your hard work!
Tube assembly 3.jpg (31150 bytes) The fuel and O2 tubes during Tony's build of Nell.  This build also served as a final proofing of the instructions for this kit.
Final assembly 2.jpg (50856 bytes) Nearing completion, this shows Nell anchored to the two assembly jigs to allow precise attachment of the two tube assemblies to the upper (motor) and lower (tanks) assemblies.
All together.jpg (67628 bytes) The final assembly ready for paint
Nell 1.jpg (37624 bytes) Stunning.  There's no other word for it.  This would look good in any museum, but the addition of it flying on the same site as the original should make this one of the crown jewels of the Goddard exhibit at Clark U.
Nell 2.jpg (79773 bytes) Close up of the tail end showing the outstanding finishing job by Tony.
Nell 3.jpg (91561 bytes) The motor end.  While not to exacting scale, there is no way this could ever be confused with any other rocket.  Thank you to Tony for another outstanding job!

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