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Freedom Forge Missile Model Rocket! Skill Level 2 Sport model Sport model
Model Number: SP009
Freedom Forge Missile model rocket
Length: 21.8" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 1.637"
Fin Span: 7.97"
Weight: 2.5 oz.
Parachute Recovery
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Recommended Engines:
 B4-2 motor (First Flight) B6-4 motor C6-5 motor D10-5
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Out of production

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BAF-50 : $4.75


After a long production run, the Freedom Forge Missile is being retired.  Don't miss your chance to get  your very own piece of FlisKits history with this first (and only) production Design of the Year award winner!

Now available for just $13.85 (a 25% discount) while supplies last, or until midnight, December 31st.

The Freedom Forge Missile is a most unique kit in many ways, yet one point stands out away from the rest.

This kit comes from the mind of Daren Humphries and compete against 4 other entries in our May, 2003 Design of the Month contest. It then went head to head against all of the 2003 first place winners to take the first ever Design of the Year award!

One of the perks in this first ever contest type is that the winning model (if suitable) will be produced for one full year.


With that, FlisKits is proud to present the Freedom Forge Missile.  Large size and elegant beauty best describe this model.  At Skill Level 2, it is not a complicated model, but will get the attention it deserves as it awaits the countdown then soars into the air protecting our freedoms, like flying model rockets and having fun with friends!

The picture at the right shows the Freedom Forge Missile on her maiden flight.   Well, at least her maiden flight as a FlisKits model rocket kit in pre-production anyway.  The Freedom Forge Missile already had flight data against it as a requirement of the contest, but it is important to personally test out any design before putting it into production.  Besides, this is just such a cool kit, I simply HAD to build one for myself.

This model turns in incredible flights with all recommended motors.  Turn heads at your next launch with her simple lines and large size, not to mention the universal theme of "Freedom".

Freedom Forge Missile on it's maiden flight at Whitaker, NC launch


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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