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Model Rocket!
Skill Level 1 Sport Model Sport model
Model Number: SP004
Flea model rocket


Length: 10.6" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 0.736"
Fin Span: 3.64"
Weight: 0.35 oz.
Streamer Recovery Peel-n-Stick Decals!
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Recommended Engines:
 A6-4T A8-3 motor (First Flight) B6-4 motor C6-5 motor
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Out of production

Going Out of Production
Price reduced 10% for month of December!

The Flea may be small in size, but is big on performance.  Take heed of the recommendation of using an A8-3 motor for its first flight.  The Flea will go nearly out of sight on a B6-4 and will scream into the heavens on the C6-5!

Streamer recovery, sturdy 4 fin construction, detailed, easy to follow instructions and bright, colorful peel-n-stick decals make this a perfect first model rocket to start your fleet.

Reports have been coming in that NAR members in the NARTREK Rocket Skills Program have qualified the Streamer Duration portion of the Bronze level with the Flea! The Flea!
Don't let The Flea bug ya!  Get him out on the pad and into the air to the enjoyment of one and all!

The Flea model rocket kit includes a beginners summary report on prepping your model for flight and recovery!

face.gif (2810 bytes) From TARS Launch Report for 9/22: Fred Z. worked his on NARTREK bronze. He flew his Fliskit Flea twice on B6-4
and B6-6 power. The second fulfilled his SD requirement with 45 sec
face.gif (2810 bytes) The Flea was a breeze for my oldest son (age 10)! Overdrive was a bit challenging for my youngest son (age 8) but he had fun, he painted it bright orange and dark blue, it looks pretty wild. - Leif
face.gif (2810 bytes) my name is Dave and I met you at the CMASS launch this past Sunday. I bought a Flea which is now built and finished. It looks great.
Although I dislike crepe streamers, I've got to say the quality of the kit is really impressive. This is the best quality, "real" small rocket kit I've ever seen. The turning on the nose cone is beautiful, all you have to do is literally seal it and paint. The peel-and-stick decals are a nice touch, too.

I think you folks are going to have no trouble carving out a niche in the modroc business. Your birds are unique, they're a pretty good value, and they sure do fly well.

You deserve special praise for your EXCELLENT instructions and tips. Someone who has never built a rocket kit could easily build a Flea.

As soon as I've had a chance to launch the Flea, I plan to submit a review to EMRR. If it flies as good as the ones you launched Sunday, it'll get very high marks!


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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