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  Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Deuce's Wild!
Photo Album
Skill Level 3 - Advanced Cluster model Cluster Model
Model Number: CL002
Welcome to the Deuce's Wild! Photo Album!

Click on the thumbnails to bring up a full sized image.  Use your browser BACK button to return to this album.  If YOU have a photo of the Deuce's Wild! that you would like to see in this album, please send the photograph to jflis2@fliskits.com (highest resolution possible) along with information about the photo and the kit.  If you do not have a digital camera or scanner, you can send photo prints to FlisKits, Inc., 6 Jennifer Drive, Merrimack, NH 03054.  FlisKits, Inc. can only return photo prints if they are accompanied by a stamped, self addressed envelope.

The first few customer provided images are from Eugene from Florida.  He had a very unique approach to building the Deuce's Wild! and I think you will agree that it makes this "Wild!" rocket stand out even more!  Eugene had this to say about his approach:

"What started out as an innocent FlisKits Deuce's Wild has now evolved into something meaner, stealthier, and futuristic. This is my rendition of what would happen if the government got a hold of this rocket and turned it into an intergallactic fighter. And yes, this is the real deal, not a drawing or concept!"

peart_deuce01.jpg (42187 bytes) Stephen Peart was so thrilled with the construction and performance of his Deuce's Wild! kit that he just had to send some pictures of it for all of us to enjoy!

On the right is a static image showing the patriotic scheme that he selected and on the right is its maiden flight.  This being Stephen's first cluster we are thrilled that he chose the Deuce and that it worked out so well for him!  Congratulations Stephen!

peart_deuce02.jpg (87754 bytes)
deuce_sketch_eugene02.jpg (58362 bytes) Initial sketch of his idea with a photo of the actual model
white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
deuce_assy_eugene.jpg (73647 bytes) Here are some of the early construction pictures from Eugene
white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
deuce_onpad_eugene.jpg (78322 bytes) Here is Eugene with his cousin preparing to launch his *military* Deuce's Wild!, after priming but before painting.
white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
aft_basepaint_eugene.jpg (81199 bytes) Eugene has begun painting this beauty and the paint job is second to none!  We will continue to monitor this effort and get more pictures!
deuce_sketch_eugene.jpg (85018 bytes) Sketch and photo from the front
rear2_dw_fighter_eugene.jpg (106254 bytes) Photo from the rear showing the modifications made to the fins as well as the forward cockpit and gun detail.  Just beautiful!
deuce_launch_eugene01.jpg (93962 bytes) On C6-5's, she's hard to capture on film, but there she is at the very top of this image!
dw2_tulanko.jpg (59949 bytes) Carl T. was one of the first to receive and use the new laser cut motor mount rings. 
deuce_swimmer01.jpg (52233 bytes) An early customer (Alan Richardson aka: Swimmer) was thrilled to get his Deuce's Wild!  He took a picture of it, right out of the box!
deuce_swimmer03.jpg (14562 bytes) You'd never know that this is the same rocket, same paint, same color.  Interesting paint, that's for sure!   Thanks Alan!
deuce_vetter01.jpg (16970 bytes) Dear FlisKits,
Enclosed are a few photos of my Deuce's Wild kit. I finally finished painting it and had to give it a try. I have never flown a cluster model before. It flew great the motors both ignited, and it flew straight up Beautiful flight. It has flown
twice so far. My son Jeramy loves it. The duel smoke trails are really neat. Thanks for a great kit.
Larry Vetter
deuce_vetter02.jpg (10352 bytes) And we have LIFT OFF!
deuce_paint_dean01.jpg (70064 bytes) The Duece's Wild has finally flown on the left coast. I managed to get a flight in at the LUNAR
launch today. I finished the DW in "stock" colors, replicating the look on the kit card. I also downloaded the decal design Jim posted here a week ago and created some decals for the fins. In the pics you'll see the Duece's Wild logo on the left fin and the LUNAR and BAYNAR club logos. The rocket is designated "DW #14" because it is the 14th kit produced, according to the card in the kit.

The flight was AOK, with both B6 motors lighting quick and a straight boost and perfect retrieval. I did get a few melted spots on the chute, but nothing else to report. Folks at the launch seemed to enjoy the novel look of the DW.


rocketman248_deuce01.jpg (78391 bytes) Pic posted by "Rocketman248" from The Rocketry Forums!
deuce_swimmer02.jpg (23622 bytes) When FlisKits got the chance to see how Alan finished his kit, we asked for some more pictures
Here is what Alan had to say: Thanks for asking for pictures of one of my favorite kits, the "Deuces Wild". Including them in your photo albums will be an honor for me. The Deuce with the Duplicolor Mirage paint is gorgeous coupled with this unique kit I'm sure it will be a hit with other rocketeers . I can't wait to take it to the next launch. Again, thanks for asking for the pics.
deuce_vetter03.jpg (37142 bytes) Here is Larry & Jeramy's Deuce on the pad
deuce_vetter04.jpg (10859 bytes) Followed by a safe return!
deuce_jerry.jpg (79402 bytes) Actually never finished the paint job on the DW.  This baby is my favorite!



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