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Corona-2 Booster Skill Level 3 Futuristic Futuristic
Model Number: FR001-B2
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Corona 2
The most stunning 2-stager ever!

for free painting template!

Length: 5.23" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 3.938"
Fin Span: 3.938"
Weight: 0.65 oz.
Recovery: Tumble Recovery
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Recommended Engines:
  B6-0 motor C6-0 motor

Retail: $ 6.95*

*NOTE: Get the Corona and Corona-2 at the same time and save a buck!

Combo: $ 24.90
(Combined cost is $25.90)

It just doesn't get any better than THIS!


* Please see our Ordering page for restrictions on pre-orders
The Corona model rocket kit has a long and unique history.  The Corona-2 Booster has added much color to this historic model rocket kit.

Purchased separately, the Corona-2 Booster allows you to convert your Corona (old or new) into the most exciting 2-stage model rocket kit ever conceived!

Featuring laser cut plywood fins, this unique tube finned booster compliments the tube fin of the Corona.  In fact, it is

face.gif (2810 bytes) The sexiest 2-stage rocket EVER!
integral to the Corona design in that the upper body ring of this booster mates to the tube fin (tail ring) of the Corona for the most incredible model rocket profile you are ever likely to encounter!

See below for more information about this exciting addition to an already exciting kit.

The following two figures help to explain how this exciting accessory works with the Corona model rocket kit
corona-2_fig2.gif (9434 bytes) The figure on the left shows the original Corona kit (far left) with the Corona-2 booster right below it.  On the right side of this figure, you can see the combined stack of the Corona plus Corona-2.

Truely an exciting accessory that will produce many exciting flights!

corona-2_fig2.gif (9434 bytes)
Corona-2 takes to the air at a local CMASS launch!

The figure on the right shows how the combined stack is readied for flight with a booster motor (B6-0 or C6-0) and a sustainer motor (A8-5, B6-6 or C6-7).

Using very basic multi-staging techniques, the Coron-2 stack is quickly readied for flight.   If you include the use of a BAF-50 baffle kit with your model, she can be ready for launch in a snap!

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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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